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A lot of people are losing their jobs right now. Businesses are being deemed non-essential. Employees are staying home to protect their own health. Unemployment is increasing. If you are divorced, this may leave you wondering “how will my ex-spouse cover the alimony they owe me?” Or “how will I provide the alimony I owe to my ex-spouse?”

No matter which side you’re on, it’s stressful.

Will I Get My Alimony?

Being cut off from “maintenance” financial support is scary. Many people rely on alimony to live their day to day lives. Taking that away can be a threat to survival. 

Worried about your alimony? You should know that your ex-spouse still owes maintenance, even if they do not have income. This means that they are legally required to pay it. But if they don’t have it or if they have to decide between their own survival or paying maintenance, they may not pay it.

If your ex-spouse doesn’t provide maintenance, your best options are probably legal. The police rarely break down the doors of people who fail to make their payments.

What If I Can’t Pay Alimony?

If you owe alimony, you owe alimony. It’s unfortunate, but it’s what you’re legally obligated to provide. That being said, you might be able to modify your agreement.

There are systems in place to protect you. Unfortunately, those systems are a bit clogged right now. To modify your agreement, you will need court approval. So what do you do when the courts are fully booked, with some closing entirely? 

A good first step is making sure you have a strong case prepped and ready to go.

In Colorado, for an agreement to be modified, you’ll need to prove that your situation has permanently been changed. Given the current economic situation, this might be the case, but it can be hard to argue that being let go or being furloughed counts as a permanent situation.

Even though the court system has slowed down, you could probably use the extra time to build your case.

But I Need Support Now

Hearing that legal support might not be available at the moment is hard. It certainly isn’t easing any stress.

If you are in need of immediate support, there are resources available. 

If you can’t afford groceries, Hunger Free Colorado has a number of options for you to receive support. Colorado Springs Food Rescue is also a good resource for finding food options.

If you are still living with your spouse and have found that your situation has become toxic or dangerous, Violence Free Colorado has a list of resources for how to escape your situation and get the help you need. If you have simply found that your marriage has no future, you may consider reading about the divorce process

There are no easy answers for the complicated problems our current situation is creating. Now is the time to lean on any community you’ve got.


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