Do you have a friend (or a few) that you just love to chat with? That friend that you have a lot in common with – where conversation is never lacking. I recently received a message from a friend like this, asking if I wanted to chat over coffee. Of course, I did! I love to talk with her because we do have so much in common – work, our daughters are close in age, and we both are military spouses. Conversation is always easy, and I walk away feeling heard, understood, and supported. Unfortunately, we don’t live just a few doors down from each other anymore and meeting up to chat over lunch or coffee isn’t always a possibility. But that hasn’t stopped our conversations. Now we meet for “coffee over the phone.”

An Hour of Joy

We spent over an hour on the phone — me sipping coffee and her tea — venting about ridiculous things our husbands did, our parenting struggles, and our questions and fears over the future. We gave each other advice on how to handle our current situations with work and neighbors, and of course we laughed… a lot! I hung up the phone, full of coffee and a renewed joy and energy to face the rest of my week.

I needed a “coffee date over the phone.”

Life has been nothing short of hectic and emotionally draining lately. I’ve been juggling the usual work life balance, with a potential military move in a few months. Now, we’ve added the coronavirus pandemic, new work schedules and school closings. I really couldn’t justify adding an outing – even coffee with a friend — to my list. But, this… I can do this! I can enjoy a cup of coffee in my comfy clothes and messy bun (in my even messier house) and chat with a good friend.

The Simple Phone Call

I truly believe there’s something about that actual phone call that has been lost over the years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love text messaging. It’s quick, convenient, and non-threatening. I’ll admit, it’s usually my “go-to” for communicating. But sometimes, a text just won’t do. I need to hear my friend’s belly laughs and ridiculous impersonations. I need to hear her voice to grasp the sadness or anxiety she feels over the difficult situations she is facing. And I need her to hear the emotion behind my words, too.

So, when an in-person coffee or lunch won’t work, the phone call is the next best thing! It may seem antiquated and time consuming, but it really can soothe what troubles the heart.

In this current situation, while we are practicing social distancing – remember our soul doesn’t have to. Take the perspective that this is time to enjoy the slow down. Celebrate family time doing some of the things you love, but don’t always find time to do. Sort that closet that you keep putting off, but you know you will feel better once you get it done. And by all means, don’t forget to make time for coffee dates over the phone with good friends.

Call that friend that makes you laugh, cry, and love life all over again. The one that lives just down the street or the one that is 1000 miles away. Sip coffee, tea, or a glass of wine…share what’s on your heart and let that coffee date over the phone refresh your soul.

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