Comcast: Inclusion Is Not Charity, It’s Good Business

We are thankful to Comcast for providing this sponsored post.


Imagine controlling a TV using just your eyes. Maybe it seems like an over-the-top luxury to you. But what if you had a disability and this would make one facet of your life exponentially easier? This isn’t sci-fi, folks. The X1 Eye Control Feature is available through Xfinity.

Recently, I attended an event highlighting X1 Eye Control at the newest Xfinity store in Colorado Springs.


Access To Entertainment and Beyond

Customers — specifically those with physical disabilities — now can independently change the channel. They also can view sports highlights. Record shows. Browse the thousands of titles available OnDemand.

Nick Jimenez, Comcast Director of Government Affairs, said he was surprised to learn 1 in 3 American households has a person with a disability.

Comcast’s continuing efforts to make their products universally accessible is not providing “charity” to their disabled customers, he said. Rather, it’s a part of their larger business plan.

They want everyone to be able to use their services with ease.

Assistive Technology Specialist Paul Spotts, who has a disability, tried the technology in real-time and showcased the features. He and Patricia Yeager, CEO of the Colorado Springs Independence Center, both said the X1 Platform had a positive impact on our community.

X1 Tech-Talk

To use the X1 feature, customers must have an eye-gaze system, called Tobii. It connects to smart devices (iPads, tablets, or smartphones) via lightning USB cable. The Tobii, a smart device and the X1 app from Xfinity work together seamlessly to make TV browsing a breeze for those who are unable to physically use a regular remote. 

Listening to an executive from a large corporation like Comcast discuss plans for universal design was exciting. Having a disability myself, I know firsthand what it’s like to desperately want independence, but not have the means or assistive technology to make it happen.

Not only does Comcast offer the new X1 Eye Control feature, they have many other accessibility features, too. Interested? Contact Comcast’s dedicated accessibility support center at: or email [email protected].