Folks, we’re wrapping up the craziest school year of all time! With about a month to go, we can see the finish line in sight, and we’re dreaming of summer time. 

But the finish feels really far away. 

And this school year has already been so long and hard. 

What a Year!

If you’re like me, your kids have been in school, out of school, doing school at home, doing school at school, having e-learning days instead of snow days, having asynchronous learning days, having synchronous learning days, learning from teachers, learning from videos, learning from us, not learning, failing, succeeding, crying, smiling, fighting, striving, working, playing, watching YouTube instead of working, and everything in between. 

It’s. Been. A. Year. 

But we’ve all almost made it to the end! Don’t despair! 

This last month of school is going to fly right on by, but some of the days are going to feel long. Some of us are trying to figure out how to celebrate milestones, participate in graduations, and schedule summer day care. And we’re all trying to be present for the day to day things that our children need from us as they finish projects, turn in assignments,  and wrap up their school year.

Don’t Give Up! 

How do we finish this year strong? When you feel like throwing in the towel on this school year, try these ideas instead.

  • Remember how we all started this year. It was full of unknowns. Look at how far we’ve come and consider what our kiddos have overcome. They have done so much! We can hold on just a little longer for them. 
  • Keep your eye on the prize. Visualize picking up your kids on that last day of school and their jubilant smiles as they glide into summer. That is a moment worth working toward! 
  • Celebrate small victories now. Did your student bring up a grade or finally get that difficult assignment turned in? High fives all around (and maybe some takeout for dinner)! 
  • Be realistic. Maybe chicken nuggets for dinner is the best you’ve got today. That’s OK. Keep things simple and keep on moving. 
  • How do you want to remember this school year? How do you want your children to remember it? Behave in that way now, and create the memories you want to have.
  • Plan for the summer. Are you thinking about a trip or a staycation? Do a little research now!
  • Pick a positive manta, and repeat it to yourself. I keep mine pretty simple and often tell myself, “You can do hard things.” Start with some easy to remember like, “You’ve got this.” 

Before too much longer, this school year will be a memory, and we will have made it to summer. I hope that the rest of your school year is positive and fun as we love our kids through it. We’ve got this, moms and dads!

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