Moms… Have you noticed how people drive these days? It’s like we got out from under the “Stay at Home” order and everyone is suddenly 15 minutes late to their grocery pickup appointment.

If you turn on the TV, commentators and politicians are yelling and screaming and generally carrying on in a way that would make our grandparents blush.

Facebook… Okay. I don’t even need to go there.

So as moms, with the world on our shoulders and kids at home and school decisions and virus worries and a never-ending need for Lysol and hand sanitizer, how do we keep it between the lines?

Moms: Strong and Steady

If we’re being honest, we know on some instinctual level that’s our job as mothers. We are to be the strong, steady, calm and nurturing ones. Immune to the stress of the world, pillars of strength for our families and answers for our children in an increasingly confusing time, where do we find the strength?

We find it in the same place moms during World War I did. The same place as the moms who struggled to feed their families during the Great Depression. The same place as the moms who went to work in place of deployed husbands during World War II. We’re moms. We’re innately and incredibly strong. Embrace it. The world needs us now.

Remember the Time…

If the examples from the past don’t inspire you, think about your own life. Remember that night when baby had a temperature and you sat up all night worrying, cleaning up vomit, changing bedding and still made it to the 8 a.m. doctor’s appointment in clean clothes? Remember that time the teacher wasn’t working out and you went and sat in a meeting of parents and built a comprehensive and cooperative plan to get things on track? What about the day they cancelled in-person school with hours of notice and you juggled your job and your toddler and got to pick up on time and came up with a plan to somehow stay employed with a two-year-old on your lap while supervising seesaw lessons for your second-grader?

I don’t have a word for the mom strength that’s in us all. But it gives me incredible confidence to look at moms of the past – and moms of today – and know that we’re going to make it through this. Because in this troubled world, we know moms have always, always, carried on.

Carry on, mamas.