Hey mama, 

I know you’re on the eve of a new year and a new decade. In 2020, we’ll have Valentine’s Day on a Friday and both the 4th of July and Halloween on a Saturday. How exciting! 

Except 2020 is going to be hard. Like really extra hard. 

The year is going to start off alright, but before too many weeks pass, you’re going to be called upon to endure. You’re going to be pressed on every side. Sometimes, it’s going to hurt. But, there are going to be so many opportunities for growth! 

These are the things you’re going to need to pack in your New Year’s suitcase for 2020: 


Things are going to start changing at the last minute. And I mean the.last.minute. Choose flexibility. Practice letting go of your ideas and expectations. Hold plans loosely. Lay down your “I’m a planner” anxiety and decide to go with the flow. Model this for your kids. They’ll be experiencing a lot of disappointment in 2020 and will need your guidance through it all.


You’re going to become an expert at making your own fun. Backyard campouts and making a delicious dinner out of canned and frozen goods will become your jam. Roll with it. Feel free to invent new ways of doing things like celebrating holidays and commemorating birthdays. Enjoy your new-found creativity this year.

Patient Determination

You’re going to need more patience than ever before. The lines in 2020 are longer, the wait times are longer, and the US Mail is going to take forever to deliver your packages. 

But you cannot give up.

You cannot back down. 

Mama, you’re going to have to dig down into the deepest part of yourself to find hope and light. You’ll think it’s gone, but look again. A laugh from your child, a silly joke at dinner, a beautiful sunset, or a conversation with a loved one will bring it to the surface. Always be looking for your light. 


Don’t let this hard year turn your heart hard.

In 2020, you’re going to be challenged to consider others more than ever before. Don’t let this consideration turn to bitterness or, even worse, indifference. Allow your consideration to turn into loving action. Use what you have to help those around you because they will need it. And, in turn, accept help from others. This is the year to lean in to those around us, not away.

Mama, you’re going to come out of 2020 into 2021. I promise that you’ll make it through the very hard moments of what’s coming. And you’ll be better for it, too. 


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Gretchen has lived in Colorado since she was 12 and never wants to leave. She has a 13-year-old son who is into having a good time, especially with sports and Fortnite. Together, they are navigating the teen world of puberty and growing up. She has a wonderful husband, having been surprised and blessed with a second chance at love. Their family enjoys playing board games, watching Avengers movies, and sharing dumb jokes over good food. In her free time, she loves to read, shop for purses, play games, watch football, laugh with her family, cook delicious food, and dream of the next home improvement project.


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