6 Simple Ways to Support Your Mompreneur Friend


Many mamas are joining the ranks of small business ownership and with that, take on the title of Mompreneur.  Whether direct sales, Etsy, a service-oriented business, or something completely unique, a Mompreneur wears many hats, and she needs your support.

I began my Etsy shop as a hobby. I needed to find my creative self again after getting lost in the trenches of raising toddlers. Four years later, this hobby transformed into a job I love.  At times though, discouragement settled in so deep I wanted to quit. Along the way, family and friends cheered me on and supported this “hobby” of mine. This has been vital to me continuing this journey and helping my business grow. 

If you have a Mompreneur friend, these simple actions will encourage her to keep pursuing her dream.

  • Be a Customer: Don’t underestimate the significance of even a small purchase. Customers who purchase from me pay for our kids swim lessons, help with unexpected car repairs and fund a much needed family getaway.  Even one purchase makes a big impact.  
  • Give Gold Stars: Most of us check reviews before we buy a new product. In a small business, reviews play a large role in convincing a possible customer to become an actual customer. Have a positive experience with your friends business? Leave her a review. Often, this can be done in her online shop, Facebook business page or even somewhere like Yelp or Google.
  • Be a Follower: Most Mompreneur’s have some sort of business social media page. Follow her, and after you do, like, share and comment. Your interaction with her social media posts makes a far greater impact than a simple thumbs up. The more interaction she has on her post, the more people will see it. 
  • Tag Away: An Instagram shout out or a Facebook tag will expand her reach beyond people in her circle. If you purchase something from her business and love it, post a picture of it and tag her business page in the post. We love to see people enjoying our businesses. 
  • Word of Mouth: For small businesses, your personal referrals speak volumes. When you share your experience with others, you freely give some of the most helpful advertising we receive.
  • Belief and Support: I asked my fellow Mompreneur friends what encourages them most as they run a business. Hands down, belief and support topped the list. I couldn’t agree more. Supporting the Mompreneur could take on many different forms, from simply acknowledging her business and encouraging her efforts, to watching her kids for her during a busy season. Recently, I made a change to my business logo and a friend complimented me on it. I wasn’t sure anyone would even notice the changes I spent so much time on. Simply her noticing my efforts inspired me to continue. It doesn’t take much: often just noticing her efforts will be a big encouragement.  

Often, the simple efforts of family and friends have made the biggest impact in inspiring me to continue in Mompreneurship.

If you’re a Mompreneur, give a shout out in the comments so we can cheer each other on. 


  1. This is great Lindsie, I know you have been inspirational for me to start feeling my way through this process which can be fun, exciting, intimidating, or feel trivial at times. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I love this article Lindsie! Thanks for allowing us to share. I have done several home based businesses over the years and it means so much when my friends just support and encourage me! I have recently started a new business based on a product that helped me gain my confidence again!. My hope is that every woman who wears LuLaRoe would come to know that they are beautifully and wonderfully made, perfect just as they are, and loved beyond measure. Find me on Facebook: LuLaRoe Becky Peal VIP.

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