A Mom’s Definition of “Mom-Brain”


This is not a scientific explanation for the term mom-brain. Rather it is one mom’s perspective on what that term means in real life and some of the effects it can have on all moms.


Mom-brain is a condition where your brain has been drastically altered from carrying a child and then caring for a new baby. It is a result of sleepless nights, being subjected to children’s cries to sometimes hostile toddler environments of endless repetitive actions day in and day out. And, as children grow, the countless things that moms put on their plate; then try to keep it all spinning. 

It is thinking about your to-do list in terms of time, based on your children’s sleep habits. “I can get this list done during nap time, or after bedtime…” Then leaving only five minutes for yourself to rest and reboot your mom-brain; just to get right back at it the next morning.

It is leaving your coffee or tea in the microwave, after you’ve reheated it five times already, forgetting about it, and then searching for it later. 

It’s forgetting what you had for dinner yesterday, or what you were about to say to that person standing right in front of you–waiting for you to say something, anything. 

It’s not actually starting the dryer full of wet clean clothes, after you just put them in two-seconds ago. 

It’s mixing up your children’s birthdays, calling them by the wrong name, or just forgetting their name for a second. 

It’s remembering to grab your kids, but forgetting  X,Y, and Z you were supposed to grab when you were running out of the door.

It’s being responsible for little people 24/7 even when they are fast asleep–and the havoc that can have on your emotional state.

It’s doing every thing in a multi-task manner. If we can’t do it while we accomplish three other things at the same time–forget it. 

You are no longer thinking for yourself but the little people you carried for 9+ months, or the long journey you took through adopting your littles. 

Your brain now functions through a filter, which happens to be your children. Every action you take will have a consequence on them…every.single.one. While not every action will have a huge ripple affect on them, there is one nonetheless. Therefore, your brain takes the time to process those outcomes and then acts.

Mom-brain also comes with this innate ability to detect a child’s need, even from many rooms away. The child that coughed, or made a fuss in their sleep, yeah your mom-brain processed that. It wants you to take notice, and possibly take action. 

Mom-brain is unique to moms, that much is obvious from the term. BUT, it is unlike any other brain condition. Your mom-brain is specific to you and your children. While it may make you do ridiculous things like mentioned above, it is also a powerful tool equipped to you from childbirth, or taking your adopted child home for the first time. Your life instantly changed and your brain has adapted for that.

So mamas with severe mom-brain, take heart and use it proudly. Every ounce of it! 


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