A Mom’s Guide to Moving to Colorado Springs


There are so many reasons for moving to Colorado, so whatever they are, trust me when I say that you are going to LOVE. IT. HERE.

Moving Boxes


My family just made the daring choice to leave our comfy little nest in California to see what Colorado had to offer. We wanted to add some spontaneity into our lives, try something new and be adventurous! Who would have thought that two native San Diegans would fall in love with Colorado Springs.

So if YOU are preparing your move to the Springs- here are a few tips that might be super helpful. Take a word of advice from this Mama on the move…. I WISH I had known these tips last year!

Moving tips:

1) PURGE! And I mean like Spring cleaning on crack. Go through every item you own and imagine bringing it with you. You have to pay for it to have space in a moving truck (whether you hire someone to help or you rent a truck yourself). Is it worth the space you have to pay for? TRUST ME when I tell you that we spent waaaaaay more money on a bigger truck to accomodate all our junk. So not worth it. Plus, there were things I still ended up selling/giving away once we got to Colorado. Don’t let that be you. PURGE….. then purge again. Once you think you’ve sold/given away all your old odds and ends, do it again. You will thank me later.

2) MOVING IS EXPENSIVE. It’s probably going to cost more then you budgeted for so make sure to look at all the options. (ie. renting a Uhaul/Penske truck, using a POD, hiring a moving company, etc.)

3) GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED. We had a lost box somewhere in our move. The information they need to help find your box is what type of box was it? What were the contents? Was there a written description on it? I also recommend putting your last name and new address on the box if at all possible so that way if it gets put into some giant lost box warehouse, there’s a better chance of it getting to you!

4) DO YOUR RESEARCH! Whether you plan on moving everything yourself, or hiring help, do your research! Look for other peoples reviews, and check the details of exactly what you are paying for. For example, our company included the shipping supplies in our cost, however, the break down of those items, like tape and extra wrapping material, was three times what it would have cost had we bought it at Home Depot.

And once you are all settled, I have a few tips to get you comfortable in your new neighborhood.

1) Use Facebook to CONNECT with people. If you are new to Colorado Springs, there are a TON of groups you could join to start meeting other moms/etc. I am a fire wife who home-schools, so I looked for specific groups:

  • North Springs Mamas/South Springs Mamas
  • Colorado Springs Homeschoolers
  • Colorado Springs Mom’s Group “Ladies Only”
  • Colorado Local Fire Wife Sisterhood
  • Falcon Area Neighborhood Watch

I live in the Falcon area so there are specific Falcon groups, including the neighborhood watch page. So find your area and start searching!

2) MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS. Literally…the people who are next door. It helps to know who is near you in case you need anything!

3) GET INVOLVED in your community! Find a church you want to attend with your family, go to your local rec center or gym, get your kids into sports, or maybe volunteer your time somewhere! The best way to meet people is to get out there!

Good luck and safe travels! And welcome to Colorado Springs!

xoxo- Jenna


  1. I try to get rid of as much as possible whenever we move! And it’s always tough meeting new people, but you’re so right! You have to get out there and introduce yourself!

  2. I haven’t moved from one state to another but even from house to house you are so right about the purge!

  3. Great tips! Meeting new people can be very stressful, so it can be really hard to make yourself go out and do it, but it pays off big! that’s how you find new friends!!

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