Au Pair Child Care in Colorado Springs

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Have you ever been at a local park, the local library or at the children’s museum and seen young women caring for children — and occasionally speaking to each other in another language? Chances are they are au pairs, living with host families in town.

Au Pair in America is the United States’ first au pair program. It was designated by the Department of State in 1986. The program allows young people from abroad, aged 18 to 26, to travel to the U.S. on the Exchange Visitor Program for a unique cultural exchange experience. These young visitors come to America to acquire a better understanding and appreciation of American life, while living with an American family and caring for their young children for up to 45 hours per week.

In Colorado Springs…

Colorado Springs resident Claudia Goddard is the local community counselor for Au Pair in America. Originally from Germany, she was an au pair with the same organization 20 years ago. She serves as the liaison for host families and au pairs in the area.

“Families choose to have an au pair over other child care options for many reasons,” Claudia says. “Flexibility is one reason, as an au pair’s schedule can change from week to week. The cultural exchange component is another reason. It is a wonderful way to reinforce a family’s own culture or introduce a new one. Survey findings show that living with an au pair has a significant influence on a child’s education, instilling a willingness to embrace other cultures, desire to travel, and awareness beyond borders not typically available to children. Families also cite having a trusted caregiver in the comfort of their home as a tremendous convenience and advantage.”

Looking for an Au Pair?

Many parents like you are looking for a flexible child care option in Colorado Springs. An au pair can easily adapt to your needs. Current host families say they appreciate the program’s flexibility.

“Having an au pair is the best child care decision I ever made,” one host parent said. “We always have coverage when we need it — mornings and evenings, weekends and weekdays, even snow days and sick days. And my biggest hesitation was unfounded. The girls don’t want to be hanging around you all day. They quickly make lots of friends and want to be out doing stuff when they are not working.”

Au Pair in America is committed to helping you find the best match for your family’s unique preferences and child care needs. A member of the placement team will work with you during the matching process. They’ll get to know you personally and provide support whenever needed. Your assigned placement coordinator will be there every step of the way.

Just imagine how much easier life would be with an extra set of hands at home, and the relief of knowing your children have another person they trust around. Au pairs with Au Pair in America are energetic and hardworking, actively engaging with their host children and jumping right in to help with things like homework. When you choose au pair child care, you’re gaining day-to-day support on par with a trusted member of your family.

The Details…

Au Pair in America offers qualified au pairs from nearly 60 countries. All have at least 200 hours of recent child care experience and go through a rigorous screening process and background check. They come with medical and liability insurance, a United States Department of State sponsored visa, and a valid driver’s license.

Au pairs attend a comprehensive two-day orientation program that features child development training, child safety training, customized Red Cross training and an optional AAA driver safety training specifically designed for au pairs.

Click here for more details about au pair child care, as well as to view current available au pairs at zero cost and with no obligation.

Interested in learning more about hosting? Contact Claudia Goddard, the local Community Counselor for Au Pair in America in Colorado Springs area, at [email protected] or 907-888-8512.