Finding your Mother’Hood’ in Colorado Springs


My first mother’hood’ was the sweet group of women I met at a prenatal water fitness class at the YMCA—most of us expecting our first babies. Our bellies swelled over the months, and as we treaded water we probably exerted more energy talking than we did exercising! We swapped stories of baby showers and childbirth classes and pregnancy complications and excitement. And then one by one, we were ushered into motherhood.

After the babies arrived, we continued to meet for playdates commiserating about the challenges of parenting, sleeplessness, and nursing problems. It was a wonderful gift to be with such sweet mamas and their babies.

I also tried out several MOPS groups, finding one that was right for me. It was the perfect combination of really good food, an excellent nursery, plenty of stroller parking, good conversation, great speakers, and minimal crafts. MOPS was the saving grace in my week. Each Friday, I would load my stroller, diaper bag, potluck dish, and my baby into the car and trek across town in search of fellowship, hot breakfast and a break.

Since then, my mother ‘hoods have expanded through church, preschool, elementary school, and the various activities my children have been in. I have met a diverse group of women who have had a tremendous impact on my motherhood journey.

“It takes a village to raise a child,” they say.

Regardless of whether you are a SAHM, a single mom, a working mom—just the title of “mom” means that a village is nice to have around you. Sometimes, that support network develops naturally: sisters, friends, mothers, and aunts. But sometimes, you have to work a little harder. Eek! That can be scary!  But well worth it, in my experience. It might take a little bravery to venture out, but there are so many places to find fun, fellowship and camaraderie.

If you need a village, or a bigger village, or maybe even a whole different village, here are some places you can explore:

New and Expecting Moms:

The adventure! The delight! The sheer terror! New motherhood brings with it so many things. Outside of childbirth classes, here are some places where you just might find people who speak all things baby:

Moms of Young Children:

Potty training! Temper tantrums! Picking out a preschool! The “little years” are filled with some big challenges, and here are some places just waiting to welcome you to their ‘mother’ hood.

  • MOPS (Moms of Pre-Schoolers). For any mom whose youngest child is kindergarten age or younger, and you can even start while you are pregnant. Seriously, start while you are pregnant and they might bring you meals when you have that baby! Held at a church, the typical format includes child care for your children, hot breakfast, and fellowship with other moms. On website, Click on “Find A Group” and enter your zip code – there are over 10 groups in Colorado Springs.
  • MOMS Club (Moms Offering Moms Support) is a group designed for stay at home moms. Chapters are designated by geographical boundaries which allows each chapter’s members to get to know local moms and activities in their neighborhood. Dues vary by chapter but typically are around $20-$25. Joining a chapter is a great way to get settled into a new town! 

Other Ways to Find a Village: 

  • Groups on –  If you look, you might just find the ‘mother’ hood you were looking for – Crunchy Moms? Check. “Mompreneuers?” Check. Single parents? Check.
  • Check out your place of worship or one in your neighborhood – you are likely to find groups for moms, single moms, moms of school age kids, bible studies and other ways to connect with other women.
  • Look for opportunities through our very own Colorado Springs Mom’s blogs for play dates, special activities, girls’ night out and more! Then get brave, and go!

What other ‘hoods are out there? Tell us below!


  1. Hike it Baby on Facebook. Moms get together no matter their childrens age and go on cool “hikes” around the area. Not all hikes are up in the mountains. A lot of them are around local parks (nature centers, cottonwood creek park, etc) It’s just a cool group get get moms and kids out to enjoy nature!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the great post, and I second Hike it Baby!!

    I am a Single Mother by Choice (became a mother as a single woman through Donor, adoption, or other non-partner means), and am looking to find other Choice Moms who work and are able to get together around work schedules!

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