I don’t know about you, but having kids can often make you want to learn and research all the things. You want your littles to hit all the milestones, you want to feed them all the best things, you want to parent the “right” way…

So what do we do? We Google.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve Googled “how to get your baby to sleep” at 3 a.m. (thanks, 4-month sleep regression).

So in all my research, (some of which in desperation…) I have come across what I consider to be some of the best Instagram accounts for parents. And don’t just take it from me, all these accounts have a massive following!

I have included accounts from most every aspect of early parenthood — from pregnancy to speech to car seat safety, and everything in between. Most, if not all, of these accounts are run by moms themselves, and their goal is to give you the information you seek to rock this parenting thing!

The big things for me in deciding to follow someone on Instagram are:

  • Professional – are they educated to do what they are talking about?
  • Real – these moms are sharing their real lives, not just some glossy, made-up version of their lives. They’re human, too.
  • Captions – not necessarily an accessibility issue for me, but I honestly hate having to watch stories on Instagram with the sound up on my phone. I hate videos (Just me? Okay). So when an account uses captions that I can read instead of having to listen, I automatically like them 1000% more (especially when a sleeping baby is in my arms!).
  • Not a money grab – if there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s people that lure you in by asking a question you want the answer to, and then telling you “oh, if you buy my workshop for $150, I’ll let you in on all the secrets!” Ugh. Eye roll. I want an Instagram account that gives lots of free information. All these accounts offer tons of free info, but a lot of them also offer paid workshops and webinars that go way more in-depth. A lot of these mamas will also do Q+As in their stories, or will respond to direct messages! So nice!
  • Quality – is the information they’re sharing quality information that requires a bit more than a quick Google search to know?

All of the following Instagram accounts pass these tests, and I personally follow each one! None of these are sponsored or affiliated with me or COS Mom Collective in any way.
So settle in and get your fingers ready to press that “follow” button! You’ll love the wealth of information on your feed.

My Personal Favorite Instagram Accounts for Moms of Littles:


Karrie is a postpartum nurse and mom of 3, soon to be 4 littles. She walks you through tons of “why didn’t anyone ever tell me this??” information about pregnancy, birth (she’s personally had both C-section and vaginal births!), your hospital stay, postpartum life, nursing/pumping, and infant care — all of this from both a nurse and a patient/mom standpoint.

Baby Sign Language

Mary is LOCAL to Colorado Springs!! She’s mom to a toddler, an ASL interpreter, and great teacher if you’re wanting more information about baby signs. She gives great insight into the Deaf community through her own experiences as a hearing person, as well as interviews with Deaf individuals and families. She offers two levels of Zoom classes with fun songs for your babies to learn signs! Mary also has talked a lot about her and her husband’s choice to be “one and done” with kids — a personal choice that gets lots of flack from others.

Gross Motor

KC is an early intervention physical therapist and mom to 2, soon to be 3. She does a great job going through gross motor milestones from birth to toddler years, and gives tips and advice on how to encourage your little one through those milestones. KC is also so REAL and personal when it comes to talking about anxiety and mental health, especially postpartum anxiety (PPA). She’s one of my favorite follows, by far!


Robyn is a mom to 2 boys, a registered dietitian, certified breastfeeding specialist, and a great follow if you’re looking for all the advice on breastfeeding. She tells you the truth about so many breastfeeding myths, and walks you through common breastfeeding struggles.

Infant/Toddler sleep

Valerie is mom to a toddler, with another on the way. She’s a child and family therapist and a Certified Baby-Led Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist. She focuses on baby sleep without the need to sleep train or use methods like cry-it-out. Valerie helps parents understand what normal infant sleep is like, and helps you figure out the routines and habits that work for your family to get better sleep.


Jenny is mom to 3 (including a set of twins!), and started her account after her oldest son struggled with weight gain due to severe picky eating, as well as some pretty severe food allergies. Jenny made it her mission to empower parents to help their babies self-feed. She (and her amazing team of doctors, nutritionists, feeding specialists, allergists, OTs, SLPs, and others) have created TONS of content on their account and their website with information on picky eating, baby-led weaning, allergens, and how to prepare foods for safe consumption.

They have a FREE database (and they’re raising the funds to make it an app!) of foods, appropriate age to introduce them, recipes, nutrition information, and so much more! Jenny (or a team member) does videos each day of what they’re eating and how to serve it to your kids. She is very real about her life with her kids and their struggles. Follow this account. Just do it.

Megan (a dietitian) and Judy (an occupational therapist) work together to create content for baby-led weaning, as well as toddler feeding. They also post lots of information about general body positivity and how to shift your mindset about “good” and “bad” foods. Megan does a grocery haul video each week to give you ideas for new and different meals. Judy does hilarious videos about toddler behavior. They make a great team!

Car Seat Safety

Michelle is a single mom of 2, mom to a son with special needs, and car seat safety expert. She gives parents lots of information on how to install your car seat for optimal safety and how to buckle in your kids to ensure proper fit.

Emotional Intelligence

Deena (child therapist and new mom) and Kristin (parent coach and mom to 2 toddlers) started Big Little Feelings because Kristin found toddlerhood to be challenging. She wanted to give other parents practical, real-life, applicable advice and tips on how to handle toddler-sized emotions concerning lots of topics, such as: meal time, bath time, pacifiers, separation anxiety, sharing, siblings, and SO much more!

Sensory and Fine Motor

Lisa, a pediatric occupational therapist, gives great information for sensory, fine motor, and executive functioning skills. She gives examples of each skill she addresses, and also gives activities you can do with your child to strengthen their skills in these areas!


Brooke and Bridget, real life sisters and speech therapists, give you the tools you need to get your toddler talking! They offer lots of tips (often things you wouldn’t even think of!) to help with language development, and give examples of opportunities to encourage discussion and build language.

Did you find a new favorite Instagram account? Let us know! Can you think of one that should be added to the list? Let us know that, too!



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