I love how nowadays there are all these mommy groups online where we can vent, get advice, share stories, and ask each other questions. I belong to several of them and someone was asking a question the other day that I thought would make a brilliant blog post. A first-time-mom-to-be had just gotten a new diaper bag and she was wondering, “what in the world do I fill this thing with?”

Great question!

Most of them have a million pockets and compartments, they must be for something! It will depend on where you are going and how long you will be out, and items will vary depending on the age of the child.

Always ask yourself how many feedings and changings will they need? Bring supplies for that plus 2 or 3 extra changings and at least one extra feeding, just in case. Everything else is extra. I have devised a list of items that at one time or another will probably be an essential for your diaper bag:

For Changes

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • diaper cream
  • sandwich baggies for dirty diapers
  • changing pad or blanket (I always packed a couple receiving blankets to put on changing tables in public restrooms. Those things gross me out.)

For Feedings

  • bottles
  • formula/breast milk
  • baby food
  • spoon
  • bibs
  • burp cloths
  • snacks
  • nursing supplies, if you need those

Other Essentials

  • extra set of clothes (because the one time you don’t bring them, they will have a blowout)
  • sanitizing wipes (for restaurant tables)
  • hand sanitizer
  • crayons and color page (not all restaurants will provide entertainment)
  • pacifier x2 if they use one
  • small toys
  • tissues
  • lotion
  • meds
  • nail clippers

P.S. Throw your wallet in and leave the purse at home!

Don’t worry. You’ll figure out what you need by what you find yourself needing, or wishing you had brought while you are out. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a small one to take into places and the larger one to leave in the car. Happy packing!