The Benefits of Babywearing {BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Giveaway!}


mother wearing baby


I’ve spent the past five years wearing babies. I have four children ages 5 and under, so at any given point in recent years you would likely find me carrying a baby on the inside or outside.

Strangers at the grocery store love to observe that I “have my hands full.” Figuratively the statement may be true. However when I’m wearing a child, my hands are free—free to be the best mom I can be to all my beloved kiddos. Free to tie shoes. Free to cut pb&j’s into the requested shape and size. Free to give hugs and high-fives and apply Bandaids. And it helps to keep the 18-month-old out of trouble.



…When I’m wearing a child, my hands are free—free to be the best mom I can be to all my beloved kiddos.

Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing is convenient, safe, and fun for the mother. The practice also has a plethora of pluses for children.

It helps ease the transition from the womb as baby continues to feel and hear mama’s heartbeat close by.

It gives them the emotional stability of being held by Mom or Dad.

It allows them to see the world from a different perspective.

It lets them learn about the world around them from a secure perch.

It keeps them safe and out of the way from curious siblings who might not yet know the definition of “gentle.”

Babywearing advocates claim that babies who are worn cry less and are smarter than babies who are not worn.

My children are fans of being worn. They have all loved riding in a carrier by either me or my husband. Over the years we’ve tried several different types, all of which take up permanent residence in a pile on the floor of my minivan between the fruit snack wrappers and the small stack of restaurant toys. We used each carrier for a different season of babyhood with each child, mostly because we hadn’t found a style of carrier that would comfortably and safely carry baby from infant to toddler. Until now.


Here, the infant carry without the wide-hips position is shown. (My little guy loves to be carried like this; the wide-hips position is not yet comfortable for him.)

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Review

BabyBjörn recently launched a new-and-improved Baby Carrier One, which is touted as the only carrier you’ll ever need. (The idea of downsizing to one baby carrier is very exciting to me.) Baby Carrier One is designed for 4-way carry positions, with a built-in infant insert. My 14-week old is very comfortable in it, and I love the solid head support the carrier offers for this young age.

The Baby Carrier One has the same classic look as older-style BabyBjörns with updated color choices and strap placement. The buckles have been redesigned and while they take some getting used to, they seem very secure. New additions include a wide, padded waist belt for comfortable weight distribution.

The most significant changes brought with the Baby Carrier One are the steps to make the carrier more ergonomically sound. Traditional models from the company have drawn fire for not properly supporting baby’s legs and hips. BabyBjörn added a zipper function which widens baby’s hips position (in two of the four possible configurations) and therefore wins the approval from International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Overall, Baby Carrier One is beautifully designed and is cleverly thought-out by BabyBjörn. The careful attention to wide-leg positions for baby is much appreciated, however adults should still make sure that the carrier is correctly adjusted to fully protect little one’s developing hips.


Mother and daughter
Back-carry selfie!


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