The Best Holiday Recipes to Make for the People You Love


Cooking With The Kids | Vegan

These sugar cookies are non dairy and egg free! I call this a win when I want to make treats for a friend who is non dairy for her nursing infant.

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These cookies were a part of Christmas in my childhood as well. As kids, we rolled the balls in sugar before they went on the cookie sheet and loved to see how they came out with cracks. I love that I can use whole wheat flour in these!

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Treats For Gifting | Non vegan

I grew up with my mom making this fudge every Christmas. We gave it as teacher gifts wrapped in foil with a bow.It was featured at every holiday gathering we went to. It is seriously the easiest recipe ever and you will have it memorized in no time! Next time you are shopping, these 3 ingredients should find their way into your cart, just in case.

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Years ago, a co-worker gifted my husband a bag of these unassuming treats. The name is hilarious and my kids think it is awesome that I let them try something called poo! If you enjoy combining caramel and cheddar popcorn, you will love these. They are also something different from the usual holiday treats.

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If you have tried this treat, you know why it has this name! But did you know how easy it is? This takes about ten minutes of active prep and you have something gift-able!

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