Y’all, working with kids allllll day is H A R D.  It’s especially hard when you have 20+ of them. The precious people that teach our children every day deserve so much praise.  And while praise is nice, the teachers in your life are probably looking for appreciation in ways a bit more tangible. Here are 6 ways to be a bless your child’s teacher in the coming months before summer break:

  1. Volunteer in the classroom.  I know my son’s teacher LOVES when parents volunteer to help out in the classroom!  I also know some parents have more restrictive schedules.  DON’T feel like a bad parent if you can’t do this one.  If you CAN be in the classroom, however, it is very appreciated
  2. Volunteer your time in other ways.  Volunteering your time doesn’t have to be just in the classroom.  Our school has a volunteer committee to post tasks that teachers need completed all the time, such as cutting things, making packets, and other prep work.  You can do this on your own time, and usually at your own house! We also do teacher/staff appreciation events once a month. These events often require parent help to prepare food, provide plates or cutlery, or organize gifts.  You don’t need a wide open schedule to be helpful at your school — you just have to look for other ways to volunteer! 
  3. Stay on top of things.  This can be a hard one, especially the more kids you have.  But signing all the papers, filling out all the forms, and reading all the emails sent by your teacher are great ways to stay involved.
  4. Donate supplies.  See a major sale on markers?  Have extra pencils or a container of Clorox wipes laying around?  Your child’s teacher would LOVE those things! Once the school supplies you bring in at the beginning of the year are gone, they’re spending their own money to replenish the stock.  Help them out when you can!
  5. Bring them coffee!  Figure out your child’s teacher’s favorite coffee order, and bring it in to them every now and then.  You’ll brighten their day and help them have the energy to get through it. 
  6. Just ASK.  Teachers will tell you if there’s anything you can do.  Don’t be afraid to send them an email, asking if they would like some help this week.  They’ll let you know how you can help out!

bless your child's teacher