Hassle Free Birthday Party in Colorado Springs? Yes, Please!


While I love birthdays, I’m not crazy about the planning and execution process that goes into each party. It took me a while to accept this about myself since I have several friends who throw such cute and well-organized parties, I assumed that was one of my roles when I became a mother. But rather than stress myself and my family out as I attempt (most likely unsuccessfully) to host a cute, Pinterest-worthy party, I have opted to hold most of my sons’ birthday parties at places other than my home. If hosting a party that you don’t have to really plan, run, or clean-up after sounds like your type of party, read on!

  • Home Depot: While this is one of my hubby’s favorite stores to visit, did you know that they also host birthday parties? I was too late to schedule one for my son this year (Note: You need to book about a month in advance), but I already have my sights set on this for his next birthday! (The only Colorado Springs Home Depot that does parties is the one located at 5660 E. Woodmen Road.)
    • What you get: 1.5-2 hours in an activity room, small craft kits for children in attendance (along with an instructor to guide them), and small Home Depot aprons for each child, too!
    • What you provide: paper products and drinks/food
    • Cost: Free! (Yes. You read that correctly.)
  • El Paso County Nature Centers: We had my son’s fourth birthday party at the Bear Creek Nature Center and loved it (The other nature center that hosts birthday parties is Fountain Creek).
    • What you get: 2 hour room rental, your very own naturalist to conduct a program of activities for 45 minutes to an hour (You get to choose your theme!), short nature hike with naturalist (weather permitting), disposable table linens, and set-up/clean up.
    • What you provide: paper products and drinks/food
  • Toy Station at School Crossing: If you haven’t discovered the Toy Station at School Crossing, you have been missing out. In addition to doing frequent children’s events on the weekends, they also host incredibly fun birthday parties! We had my older son’s party there this past weekend actually, opting for the “Dinosaur Dig” theme.
    • What you get: 1.5 hour room rental, pre-decorated room, dedicated party hostess to run a forty-five minute program, paper products, drinks (water and lemonade), all set-up/clean up, special craft, and party favors for the guests ($5 gift card to their upstairs educational store, and a $10 gift card for the birthday child)
    • What you provide: food (if desired)
  • Bemis School of Art: We took my sons to Bemis for one of their free family days and were hooked. While to me, my sons might still be a bit too young for an art birthday party (I’m envisioning paint and clay thrown everywhere.), I plan on looking at Bemis once they are older. The cost ranges roughly between $200 and $225 depending on whether you are a member of the Fine Arts Center or not.
    • What you get: 2 hours of time (to be spent doing an art lesson, eating treats, other celebratory activities), art supplies, and an art teacher
    • What you provide: paper products, any food/drinks/decorations you want
  • YMCA: As frequent visitors to the downtown YMCA branch, I have enjoyed all of their equipment, pools, and exercise classes (Hello, Zumba!) So naturally, their birthday parties have been fun for my family, too. While we haven’t hosted our own party, we have attended a couple. They have been great at getting all kinds of energy out of our boys, giving us fantastically long naps in the afternoons! The cost varies depending on members/non-members, as well as type and theme of party.
    • What you get: 2 hours of bounce house or pool time, games to entertain the children, a YMCA staff member to assist with your needs, all paper products
    • What you provide: any food/drinks you want
  • In an effort to not make this the largest blog post known to man, I’m providing just links to additional places in Colorado Springs known for hosting fun birthday parties:

In addition to the above birthday party venues, many other places are listed by Kate in The List You Need: Favorite Indoor Play Places, so check out that post for reviews on fun birthday options like Monkey Bizness and CityROCK! Also, if you haven’t read through Brie’s post Birthday Freebies, do so now! Because who doesn’t love birthday freebies?!

As I’ve already confessed my disdain (and borderline inability) to host a fun party at my own house, I’m always looking for even more venues to hold my sons’ parties. Give your favorite place a shout-out below and if possible, provide a link for us to follow!

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Megan has called Colorado Springs home since 2008 when she and her husband of twelve years moved here after serving for two years as Peace Corps volunteers in the beautiful country of Macedonia. She spent her time in Macedonia teaching in a village school, working alongside college professors at a university, and having long, luxerious coffee dates with some of the best people she has ever been priviledged to know. Megan's educational background is in Secondary English Education, and most of her working life has been spent teaching English to junior high students, a grade level that she absolutely adores. Starting this year, she has stepped away from the classroom to explore the world of Communications, and she is excited to be serving as the Strategic Communications Coordinator for a local charter school. When Megan isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with close friends and family; however, her introverted side is just as content being alone on her front porch with a good book and a hot (often re-heated multiple times) cup of coffee. Her interests also include writing, scoring deals at garage sales, and trying (but usually failing) to be creative with her sewing machine. Megan’s boys keep her on her toes with their crazy antics and energetic spirits, but they are always quick to settle down if it means snuggling up to their mama and reading, a pastime in which she happily obliges them.


  1. These are great ideas! We have been to a few of these venues and really enjoyed them. In addition, we have done parties with the Little Gym. Very affordable and well appointed activities and gym leader. Loved them!

    Last year my daughter had a FairyTails Pony Party in Black Forest. This was excellent. My daughter will talk about it forever! You get to ride ponies through the enchanted forest full of fairy houses nd whimsical decorations. My only recommendations would be to have an activity for the kids waiting to ride, like a game or craft. Super fun party.

    This year my son is having his party at Dominos Pizza. Party includes a tour of the kitchen, a lesson on tossing dough, and the kids get to make their own pizza! Cost is just the pizza! Looking forward to this one! My son will be turning 3 and he loves to cook.

    • These are great additions, Danielle! I especially like the idea of a party of Dominos because both of my boys love to cook and help out in the kitchen. What a fun party idea! (And I might have to steal it in October when my younger son turns four!) 😉

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