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There’s a new charter school in town: Spacious Skies. If you like the idea of hands-on learning, this might be just the place for your family!

Spacious Skies

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is the magic behind Spacious Skies.

This is what makes it different from other schools. What is it? In a nutshell, it emphasizes a learning-by-doing style of education. Teachers help students explore real-world challenges, leading to deeper learning. This method of learning supports students’ natural curiosity

Some students do well in schools dominated by seat work. Others don’t. Project-based learning is more hands-on. It helps make learning relevant to students by establishing connections to life outside the classroom.

Hands on. Minds on.

Learning comes alive for students as they develop critical thinking skills. Project-based learning goes beyond simple memorization. It engages students to learn in a way that emulates how we function in daily society.

Thinking + Tinkering = Thinkering

The Thinkering Lab at Spacious Skies is a space for children to explore.
Monkey with materials, fiddle with technology, play with words, create new products — all while solving problems along the way.
Woodworking. Playdoh. Bicycle repair. Sphero robots. Kinetic sand. Musical instruments. Knitting.
In the Thinkering Lab, students take on the role of author, designer, engineer, architect, artist and inventor. Teachers use the Thinkering Lab to support classroom projects and learning, as well as to give students time to engage in unstructured, open-ended exploration.

Students are encouraged to take risks, make discoveries, put their stamp on their creations and test their theories of the world. In other words, if they can dream it, they can try it! The sky’s the limit.

Spacious Skies’ FAQ

How much does it cost?

  • It’s free. Although it is a D49 charter school, you don’t have to live in D49 to enroll.

Where is it located?

  • Spacious Skies is on the northeast side of Colorado Springs, near Woodmen and Marksheffel. The address is 7345 Adventure Way.

What are the core values of this school?

  • Reverence for children and childhood
  • Respect for parents as educational partners
  • Trust in teachers as professionals
  • Deep understanding of how children learn

What grades does it serve?

  • Spacious Skies opens in Fall 2020 with grades K-3, then will add one grade level per year until it reaches K-8.

How do we enroll?

Spacious Skies Charter School is accepting Intent to Enroll forms. Parents must request enrollment by filling out this simple online form. Submitting it does not obligate the student to attend Spacious Skies, nor does it guarantee admission.

Where can I learn more?

Wander around this website. Still have questions? Call 719-331-6148 or email [email protected]