The Most Important Investment You Will Ever Make


Want to know what is the most important investment you will ever make in your life?   

Don’t be fooled by what the world tells you.

It’s not the latest gadget, technology or the house you buy.

It’s not the trending stock or mutual fund in the financial market or the latest diet fad that guarantees a slim physique and longer life.

The most important investment you will ever make is in people.

The Tragedy

Unfortunately, we are often reminded of lessons like this during unfortunate times.  

It was two days after Christmas when we got the call.

We learned that our daughter’s friend and basketball teammate was killed in a tragic car accident along with her friend’s boyfriend.

The world literally stopped. 

The Blessing and The Lesson

What we have witnessed in the days and weeks to follow is truly miraculous.

People with seemingly busy lives, dropped it all to do whatever they could to support and rally behind the grieving families and students.

When you know of a person or family who can no longer stand on their own and literally need every ounce of support to stay standing, you simply stop, drop everything and you help.

It is times like this when you instantly understand an important life lesson.

Our most valuable resource on this earth is… people. 

You realize work can wait. Returning the phone call can wait. Scrolling to see the latest headline or comment can wait. 

What cannot wait are our friends, our families, our children, our brothers and sisters, our teammates in life. 

They all need us.

They need us in the darkest of days and on the brightest of days, even when there is no tragedy or a high achieving moment. 

They need us… always.

The greatest investment any of us can ever make in life is to be there for our people, taking time to invest in what truly matters… each other.


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