Why Do You Want To Be Cold, Child?!


What’s with these kids hating coats so much?

I remember wrestling my tiny crying baby into her a snowsuit in preparation of the cold outdoors. Those little arms went into the arms holes only to pop right back out again. She’s too young to understand that this coat will keep her warm, I thought. If she were older, she would understand.

Oh naivety.

I Don’t Understand

My nine year old hates coats as much as she did when she was one. She puts on a tiny jacket and announces that this jacket is perfect for the 20 degree weather. She needs nothing else to stay warm! I find myself forcing a hat on my girl’s head or wrapping a scarf around her neck as she walks away from me, waving me off.

“Just put the gloves in your pocket just in case!” I shout, knowing full well that one glove will be missing by the end of the day. Likely flopping out of her pocket, unused

One day, I tossed my girl’s attached coat hood onto her head and she did not immediately toss it off. I said something like, “Whaaaaa?!?” What a mistake. My amazement was short lived as my girl tossed the hood off her head and took off her gloves for good measure.


I have asked my girl this question. She always answers with, “I’m not cold.”

Is Cold Cool?

Does being without a coat equal being tough? Did someone say that to my child? If someone said to my kid—that going without a coat in 20 degree weather means that you’re tough—TAKE IT BACK! Go tell my girl that she has to wear a coat to BE tough! Can you do that? Because I’m tired of feeling guilty wearing my cozy mittens, hat, and heavy coat while walking next to my girl, wearing her summer cardigan.

Are people judging me as they walk past the two of us, me bundled and my girl basically ready for summer to begin? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes to that one, right? They’re looking at me thinking, “Um, lady. Maybe you should share some of your warmth with your child, who was never taught what seasons are.”

Sometimes, I think that if I let my girl go out in the cold without her warm coat and gloves on, she will learn her lesson. The next time it’s cold outside, she will over dress for the weather. She will be so cozy, it will be like she is walking around with a little furnace.

But no.

This girl goes outside in freezing cold weather, comes back inside freezing cold, and then goes back outside the very next day wearing the same jacket basically made out of paper.

Finally, I demand my girl put on her coat. There will be no proving a point here. I turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger. Put on the coat! NOW! There’s always a rebuttal, which I follow up with a NOPE! PUT IT ON!

My 17-year-old nephew was staying with us last month. One day, we went out for a hike when it was in the 30s and that kid wore a sleeveless shirt with no jacket. So… that’s what I have to look forward to in the teenage years.

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