Grooming Your Dog in Colorado Springs: Canine Design Salon and Country Club

We are thankful to Canine Design Salon & Country Club for providing this sponsored post. However, the thoughts and feelings are our own as we only share companies that we personally know and love!

Sometimes, it can be hard to remember what life was like before my world was overrun by three beautiful, little babies (who are now four, two and 8 months old). But once upon a time, I had just one big, fluffy fur baby whom all things revolved around.

As a senior in college I decided to look for a rescue dog to adopt; and somehow I was matched with a short, stubby stray that was found abandoned in an alley. I thought the context fit her nicely and from that day forward, Alley and I became each other’s forever friends. I’d feed her and let her sleep on my bed. She kept me company and judged the character of all potential suitors. (My husband is the only one to ever earn her approval!)

My only other canine experience was being raised with a beautiful German Shepherd Dog whose fluff would require the occasional brushing, but was all around a low maintenance man.  As a result of only having dogs with fur, it was six months after I got Alley that my roommate finally asked, “When are you going to get her hair cut?” I looked at my roommate with complete confusion, “hair?” Alley is an unfortunate mix of black lab and cocker spaniel.  She has the bulky body of a lab and short little spaniel legs.  As a result, she has a mix of fur and hair. She has fur on the top, while her legs, tail and ears grow long black hair that has to be regularly cut. This type of grooming was totally new to me, so I went out and bought an electric hair clipper.  Ten minutes into my first attempt to cut her hair, I decided there are some things in life better left to the professionals.  Since then, every 4 months or so I have taken Alley down to have her groomed, where she is shaved back down to look like a short little lab. She loves it, especially in the hot summer.

This month we moved to the Southwest side of Colorado Springs, a far drive from where I have regularly taken Alley since moving here seven years ago. The move meant I was in the market for a new groomer and was so excited to be given the opportunity to check out a recommended company, Canine Design Salon and Country Club.

canine designs dog groomerCanine Design Salon is located at 856 Arcturus Drive in Colorado Springs, and their business hours are from 7:30 am until 6:00 pm.  These hours are especially convenient for me because it makes it possible for me to drop the kids off at daycare, and Alley off for her appointment, and still be able to get to work on time. When Alley’s grooming was done, I received a call to come pick her up but she was able to stay until I got off work.  Alley did really well at her appointment- she came home clean, fresh and restored to her “perma-puppy” state.  Even though Alley looks like a puppy, she is actually about 13 years old and has recently lost her hearing.  I really appreciated that the staff at Canine Design Salon took notes on her to understand her circumstances and that she wouldn’t respond to being called and shouldn’t be surprised anymore.canine designs dog groomer

I really enjoyed taking Alley to Canine Design Salon! The staff was friendly and the end result was just what I asked for.  If you are looking to have your pets groomed by a great little local company, go check out Canine Design Salon and Country Club.  They also provide “doggy daycare”, boarding for both cats and dogs, as well as a variety of grooming and pet care products.

You can schedule your fur baby’s next appointment by calling (719) 227-7220 or be sure to visit their web page and like them on Facebook as well.


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