Chasing Away the Winter Blues


chasing away the winter blues

It feels AWESOME to be out of the month of January! I love a good New Years Day and all, but after that, does a month get any longer? And maybe because it’s (at least in my brain) smack in the middle of winter, it’s so drab! Granted, I’m not going to lie and say February is much better. Because with the exception of there being bags of conversation hearts (the ONLY good thing about Valentines Day) that I can eat to my preggo heart’s content, it can become a blah month too.

With the exception of that awesome Colorado sunshine we get, the first few months of the year can totally bring on a winter funk. And I’ll just add, that this mama is giving birth next month, so on top of the winter slumps, I’ve got nesting to deal with. And also, I’m moving in a few months so there isn’t a nursery I can take my nesting out on. Actually, this kid isn’t even getting a room until after Mimi leaves (don’t ever leave, Mimi!) and we take apart the guest bedroom. Welcome home son, you’re sleeping in the closet.

But that’s my deal.

So even if you’re not in my shoes with the whole nesting thing, chances are you still might get some winter blues that need chasing away. Normally I’d just suggest one (or more) of Colorado’s delicious IPAs. But since mama can’t drink, no one can drink. (Hah, I wish.) So instead, here a few suggestions that I use to calm my nesting urges and chase out the winter blues.

Paint your fingernails

I am totally serious. Something about a fresh coat of polish on your fingers makes even doing the dishes a little brighter. Obviously painting your toes is great too, except I currently can’t see or reach mine.

Change up your table

No, I’m not saying go buy a new table, but maybe new placemats? Or try placemats! A new center piece on the table, or a new runner? The table is something used every day, usually multiple times a day. So adding something fresh and new (it doesn’t have to be drastic or expensive!) can brighten up your day!

chasing away the winter blues.2Try a small DIY

When I made these little antler frames, it was the perfect size project to get my creative juices flowing and still be able to finish the project within that same day. Sometimes doing something creative, but not overwhelming, adds just a brightness to your day. Pinterest is a great place to find DIY projects! And don’t be afraid to adapt the project to fit your schedule and home.

Organize something, anything

There are so many baskets and buckets and containers out there, and call me OCD, but anytime I can organize something I get super excited! There’s something about seeing all my candles and vase fillers, or even my medicines, in pretty containers. I just recently bought two large canvas baskets for all my son’s bigger trucks and let me tell you, it’s like I was the one who won the Powerball. Okay, not quite… but it still feels awesome to have a designated place for his bigger trucks and toys.

What do you do to chase away the winter blues?


  1. Love this list. It is amazing how decorating your table can make you feel amazing! And pretty nails? I love it!

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