{Costco Mom Hour :: Recap} and Reasons to Join Costco


Disclaimer :: This event was sponsored by Costco, but all reviews and opinions are my own.

It never fails that I always go to Costco at the most insanely busy times.  You know…a Sunday afternoon right after church…on a day the Broncos play the late afternoon game…and EVERYONE feels the need to storm Costco to stock up for the week and find some delicious football snacks.  The aisles are crowded with overflowing carts, the sample stations are out in full force, and my kids are usually losing their minds.  So, on Friday, November 13th, when Costco opened early just for moms, it was a little slice of heaven.

It is so easy to understand why so many people love Costco (which occasionally results in a crowded store.  I don’t mind!).  The prices are spectacular, the employees are always so friendly, and the quality is excellent.  There are so many brands Costco carries that my family would buy anyway, and we especially love the Kirkland Signature brand products.  You can read more about my family’s favorite items from Costco here.

If you have been on the fence about joining Costco, here are a few reasons (in my opinion) that it is worth it:

  • As a mom with many demands, I love that I can plan one shopping trip every other week or once a month and be stocked up on the essential items that usually send me running to the store at 10:30 pm.  (toilet paper, diapers, wipes, food for my son’s lunches…etc)  I love having a stock of household goods, and I never thought I would say that!
  • Buying in bulk does save money!  We may spend more upfront in a shopping trip, but the price per unit is much less and I tend to do little impulse shopping because I don’t need those trips to grab one or two items….and leave with 15.  And their coupons!  The monthly coupon book includes large additional savings.
  • I keep my family fueled with healthy options.  When we shop at Costco and buy large containers of fresh fruit and veggies, I am so much more intentional about having my kids eat these fresh foods so we use them before they go bad.  We are now so used to eating fresh foods that we will fly through a large container of apples, raspberries, grapes, carrots, salad etc.
  • Cash back.  Who doesn’t love cash back on things you already buy?  Costco offers two types of memberships — The Gold Star Membership is $55 annually, but does not offer cash back.  The Executive Membership is $110, but this offers 2% cash back.  We have personally found it to be completely worth it!  Our refund every year more than pays for our annual membership, and gives us a little bonus money to go shopping too!  You can learn more about Costco Memberships here.

In Colorado Springs, we had over 300 moms attend the Costco Mom Hour.  Both locations (University Village and Powers/Barnes) hosted a fabulous morning with breakfast, swag bags and a membership special for joining Costco.  We saw so many moms with full shopping carts, smiling, relaxed faces, and some Christmas goodies….we are certain it was a success!


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