Crafting in the Kitchen: Our Favorite Edible Thanksgiving Crafts


Do you need to make festive Thanksgiving treats for your child’s Thanksgiving feast? Or do you just enjoy creating in the kitchen with your kids? I like to call it “Crafting in the Kitchen”. The bonus: you get to eat your creations. I am a sucker for an adorable themed holiday treat so I have decided to put together a list of our favorite cute treats.
TurkeyBasketI have been making many of these since my son was little and he is off at college now. Thanksgiving is a special holiday for my son and me. We used to spend the week before baking treats and delivering them to neighbors and people we loved. Thanksgiving is my sons favorite holiday and I like to believe it’s because we spent so many hours bonding and creating in the kitchen. My daughter likes to bake as well so I thought I would carry the tradition on with her. We have always baked together, but I have never done the Thanksgiving treat baking with her.  This is our year. We are going to create a few old favorites and come up with some new ones too. Here are our favorites!

1. Popcorn Ball Turkey is one of my very favorite Thanksgiving day edible creations. You need a wooden spoon, an oval or round wicker basket and your favorite popcorn ball recipe. First you will make the popcorn balls and wrap them individually in saran-wrap (we shape ours like corn cobs to make it even more festive). Next fill the basket with the balls. Then you will make a turkey face on the wooden spoon and insert it in the front of the basket. Add feathers to the back (we use lollipops in place of feathers for another edible pop of color and fun) and, ta-da, a turkey!

2. Pilgrim Hat Cookies. For this you need Keebler fudge striped cookies, large marshmallows, chocolate chips, a double broiler and yellow frosting (preferably in tube). Melt the chocolate. Cover a cookie sheet with tin foil and turn the cookies upside down. Dip the marshmallow in the chocolate and place it on the upside down cookie. Then put a small buckle on the front. All finished! Adorable pilgrim hats just in time for your party.

3. Ice Cream Cone Tee-pees are another fun treat to make for Thanksgiving. If you are feeling really ambitious you can even make your own cones. For these you can get really creative. Provide a variety of edible materials and let them go crazy! Show your little ones a few photos of tee-pees and maybe even include a story, such as The Very First Americans by Cara Ashrose.

4. This year I found this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Bites. Not only is it adorable, it sounds delicious. I can’t wait to add this to our list of yummy treats to make. I have added a link so that you can make them too.

5. Brownie Bite Boats. These could be turned into tiny Mayflowers. This can be done with brownie bites or you can cut brownies into the shape you want with a cookie cutter. We used a pretzel for the mast and a very large marshmallow cut in a triangle shape for the sail. A tiny piece of fruit roll-up is used as the flag at the top. They turned out so cute! The best part is they are completely edible.

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What have you been cooking up with your kids? Please share you favorite holiday treat recipe idea in the comments.


  1. These are adorable! My three-year-old’s become quite interested in cooking lately, so I have feeling this may be a go-to blog post for some Thanksgiving fun next week 🙂

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