The Day I Got My Mom Card… At Costco


—It wasn’t two pink lines on a stick, or my daughter exiting the birth canal that made me feel like a mom. Rather, a simple trip to Costco made me feel like I was a card carrying member of the club. 

It’s true.

From Babysitter to Mom

After our daughter was born, it was surreal. It felt a lot like babysitting. Like someone else more responsible was going to pick her up to take her home. Like I wasn’t really her mom.

I changed her diapers, gave her baths, read her stories and tucked her into bed at night.  And even though we were practically attached ALMOST ALL THE TIME, I felt like I was going through the motions. I didn’t feel as if I was really doing anything special, or mom-like, that no one else could do for her.

It was my first postpartum solo trip that convinced me I had arrived—that I was legitimately, identifiably, a mom.

I went to Costco for a few essentials. It felt amazing to be out of the house for a bit without my newly acquired extra appendage. Strolling among the bargains and bulk packaging made be feel simultaneously more like my old self and more secure in my newly minted mom-dom.

I found a cute little warm outfit for my little one. It was wintertime and I didn’t want her to be cold. Then, I picked up formula for her. Between mastitis, a poor latch, and poor milk production, the poor kiddo needed some extra nourishment.

Finally, I got some things to help me: a three pound bag of coffee, a 50-count bag of chocolate truffles and a bottle of wine.

Simple Things

As I loaded those five things into my car, I had to laugh at my choice of “essentials.” Had I at last joined the ranks of moms everywhere? Moms whose top priority it is to keep their children fed and warm, but who also need a little something for themselves, too, just to get through the day?

I was deliriously happy to get home, cuddle with my little one and smell her milky breath. And it was a treat to eat chocolate, drink coffee and dream of sharing a glass of wine with my husband. Once we could both stay awake long enough not to drop the stemware, that is. 

When did you really feel like you got your mom card? (Or your dad card, for that matter?)