Life Changing Dollar Store Do’s and Don’ts for Any Mom


One of the most fascinating places in town to shop is the Dollar Tree. With an ever-changing rotation of items, you never know exactly what – or who – you’ll see there. Sure, the floors may be a little dirty in spots and the product displays lacking originality, but there really are a lot of useful items you can purchase on the cheap.

Dollar Store Do’s

  • Shop early. Whether you are looking for some holiday decor or accessories for a Halloween costume, timing is everything. Shop at the beginning of the season. Holiday items can be picked over and disappear quickly.
  • Find greeting cards and stationery for cheap. They usually have a wide selection of single greetings cards for all occasions, as well as packaged note cards, thank you notes and invitations. A good way to cut costs, but still practice good manners.
  • Plan your next party with their supplies. They have a constant assortment of solid colored tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and party goodies. They even sell various occasion mylar balloons for just $1 each!
  • Visit before a movie night, picnic or road trip. You can’t go wrong with their variety of snacks and candy.
  • Organize the house with bins, baskets and containers galore! I’ve got several drawers in my house organized with small wire baskets from the Dollar Tree.
  • Go hog wild with the craft supplies, especially while planning crafts for the little ones in your life. They’ve got foam, glitter glue, beads and more that are perfect to have on hand for a bad-weather day.

Dollar Store Don’ts

  • Don’t expect a five-star experience. Displays may be lacking; employees may not be keen to assist you; items may run out. Keep in mind where you are and that everything really is just a dollar.
  • Avoid the toys. Unless you are looking for a one-and-done experience, the toys usually aren’t worth it.
  • Beware of miniature shower caps masquerading as adult-sized caps. See picture. Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and only half of what you expect.
  • A dollar is a good price, but you may find it cheaper elsewhere. Be price savvy; those dollar items do add up! This seems especially true in their food department.

The next time you find yourself near a Dollar Tree, pop in and see what treasures await!

Normal shower cap on left pig. Dollar Tree shower cap on right pig. Not quite what I expected!