Don’t Have Time for Pinterest? 5 Ways to Make Birthdays Simple, Yet Special


birthday partyOh, Pinterest. I have a love/hate relationship with you. You make me so excited to try the so many recipes, crafts, and party ideas. But at the same time, you remind me that I have no time to do any of them. 

I am one of those moms who could spend hours being productive (aka “wasting time”) on Pinterest. And I am one of those moms who has planned the elaborate Pinterest birthday party for her daughter. I love the researching and planning. It is so fun to see all the parts of a party theme come together. But I simply don’t have time do parties this way in the season I am in.

What Season?

With two toddlers taking over my house, and a husband who works long hours, I just don’t have the time and energy to plan elaborate parties anymore. This season is just not allowing for that. And that is okay. There will come a time when I can again make DIY décor, bake the cake, and plan fun activities.

I have had to remind myself of the most important thing about celebrating my children’s birthdays—making them feel loved and special on their special day. 

So if you don’t have the time or energy to plan a party, or you don’t really like doing parties, here are some ideas to make birthdays simple, yet special. 

Five Ideas for Easy Birthdays

  1. Celebrate with immediate family. Make their favorite breakfast and take them out for dinner. Have everyone in the family say something they appreciate or love about the birthday boy or girl. Celebrating this way is special, yet very easy and simple.
  2. Invite one friend on a special outing. A friend of mine does this with her kids. She asks them where they would like to go and they can invite one friend. Examples of places to go are the zoo, a bounce house, a trampoline place,  or the movie theater. Again, this is easy and simple, but a great way to make birthday memories.
  3. Have the party at a place that will do the work for you. Last year, for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, we did a dance party at her ballet studio. This year, we are doing her party at a frozen yogurt place. All I have to do is bring balloons! This is a more costly option, but if you have the budget, it can be really fun to have a party somewhere different
  4. Have a small pizza party with friends. We recently went to a birthday party for a little boy who was turning two. His mom, my good friend, decorated very simply with a truck theme. She ordered pizza and made a simple cake. They invited about 4-5 families and their kids. It was fun, simple, and memorable for all. The kids played and the parents got to talk and fellowship.
  5. Host a special playdate on their birthday. If your budget is tight or life is just plain crazy, you can easily turn a playdate into something special. Invite a few little friends over to play and add brownies, ice cream, or cupcakes as a treat. Try meeting at a park for free entertainment for the kids. 

What They’ll Remember

In the grand scheme of things, our kids won’t remember the decorations, food, or theme of their birthday parties. They will remember the people, the laughter, and the words said to them as they celebrate another year of life. These are the important things. Sometimes, we have to forego the extras in order to keep the important things front and center. It has taken me a few trial years to learn this. Keep it simple and sweet. My hope is that my kids will remember that their birthdays were filled with loving memories from the people who love them most. 

So goodbye for now, Pinterest. See you in a few years.