Easter Treats With Peeps!


Easter Treats with Peeps 3

Because seriously, what is Easter without those traditional Peeps??

It’s no secret that “crunchy mama” is NOT a term that has ever been applied to me. When it comes to holidays and treats, I have to be honest-the health factor isn’t nearly as important to me as the fun factor! This year, I found some inspiration at an Easter event we went to, and Pinterest. The end result was a fun afternoon for my little guy and I. With only a few ingredients and very little effort, you can have some fun with Peeps too!

This first treat has just a few simple steps.

Needed Ingredients:  Chocolate Candy Coating, Graham Crackers, Peeps, and Sprinkles (or other decor)

  1. Melt the chocolate.Easter Treats with Peeps 1
  2. Dip the Peep, give it a good coating.
  3. Place it on the graham cracker square.
  4. Decorate around the Peep if desired.
  5. Let the chocolate set, and then serve!


And the second treat does too.

Needed Ingredients: White Chocolate Candy Coating, Pretzel Rods, Sprinkles, and PeepsEaster Fun with Peeps 2

  1. Melt the chocolate.
  2. Dip the pretzel rod in the chocolate.
  3. Decorate as desired
  4. Place additional chocolate down the back of the peep
  5. Affix the Peep to the pretzel.
  6. Let the chocolate set, and then serve!

There are lots of fun treats to be found online and these are just a few. You don’t have to be an expert baker to have some fun in the kitchen with your little ones. You can give these a try or explore Pinterest for your own creations, but whatever you chose to make-have fun!

What kind of fun do you like to have with kids in the kitchen?  Share your favorites!

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