Family Fire Escape Plan


Our family is a fire family. My husband is a firefighter, and more often than not, he is checking to make sure everything is “up to code” around the house. I have once mistakenly put a warm toaster oven back into the cupboard before it had a chance to cool down after being used, and…. well…. I will never again let that happen!

However, being married to the fire life means that we have the basic essentials that are necessary to escape our home, should there ever be a fire or other danger. Today I want to share some tips with you to make your own fire escape plan for your family. Now is the time to get this done because you never know when you may need it!

Here’s where to start:

Step 1:

-Make a rough map of your home. Include the following:

  1. All escape options from every room in the home, such as windows and doors. (There should be at least two escape options per room.)
Rough image of how you can map out your home. Include ALL escape routes!
Rough image of how you can map out your home. Include ALL escape routes.

2) The family meeting place. When everyone safely escapes the home, you need one place for everyone to meet that everyone will remember. (In the front or back of the home.)

3) Go through all the problems that could arise, such as what to do if the fire is on the first floor, second floor, etc. so that everyone understands the importance of utilizing the escape routes.

4) Make sure the kids know how to open each window and door. (It sounds silly, but in the event of an emergency, fear and panic take over and children might lose the ability to do simple things.)

Step 2:

  1. Know how to protect yourself and stay safe while you are using your escape routes. Teach your kids how to identify where the fire is if it is close to them, by using the back of their hand to feel a door.
  2. Simply: teach the kiddos the importance of STOP. DROP. and ROLL. in the event that their clothes catch on fire.


Step 3:

  1. Have the tools you need in the event that you CANNOT escape from the fire so you can prevent smoke from coming in, such as towels or duct tape to seal door ways and keep the smoke out.
  2. If you can merely open a window, but not escape out of it, some smoke can still escape the room, and you can also call for help through the window. If you do not have your phone with you, yelling for help and making as much noise as possible will help firefighters locate you when they arrive.

Step 4:

  1. When you successfully get out, and arrive at your meeting place, STAY THERE and never enter a burning building. There is nothing in your house that can’t be replaced. Your life cannot be replaced!
  2. Preventatively, keep all your important, irreplaceable items in a fireproof safe.

Step 5:

  1. PRACTICE your escape routes and where you will meet. It’s something that children need to do more than once a year so they do not forget. Also, do it randomly, so that you can see their reaction time and how much they remember about the process.

Do you have any thing else that you add to your family escape plan? Comment below to share it with us!


xoxo- Jenna





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