A Few of My Favorite Things for Summertime Mothering


mom must havesMothering is hard. These items make it a little bit easier for me. Don’t get me wrong – you don’t NEED these items. Look at your life and see what could make it more convenient. Take stock of the little annoyances throughout the day. Could a quick trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond or a purchase from Amazon make a difference? Some of my favorite things are quick, inexpensive items; others may require more saving and consideration.

My Favorite Things

Wireless Earbuds

 I’m a total podcast addict.

I love listening to true crime stories, cooking shows and interview podcasts. When I take my kids to the park, popping in my Air Pods makes the time so much more enjoyable. I can keep an eye on my kids, while also enjoying some audio. I recommend getting earbuds that don’t seal in your ear or block out other sounds so you can hear your child calling you.

Phone Wallet

Ever since my youngest turned two, I haven’t felt the need to carry a diaper bag. I keep a few diapers and packs of wipes in the seat pocket of our family vehicle and that’s it.

But how do I carry my stuff? Purses always were getting in my way and backpacks just felt too big for what I needed to carry. I purchased a wallet phone case to protect my phone and carry my debit card, ID and Costco card (the ultimate mom necessity!). Now, I just have to make sure I’m wearing pants with pockets to carry my phone/wallet and my car key.

Deli Containers

If there is one favorite thing I can recommend, this is it.

I bought a 32-pack of round deli-style plastic containers. They came in eight-, 16- and 32-ounce sizes but they all take the same size lid and I have A LOT of containers. This makes it easy to justify saving small amounts of leftovers that I normally might not want to take up an entire leftovers container with. The deli containers are also fantastic for holding prepped veggies and snacks and stack nicely so you can see what you have in the fridge, freezer or pantry.

Ultra-Comfy, Closed-Toe Shoes

I will never know how moms of toddlers and elementary-aged kids wear sandals. Are my kids the only ones who step on my toes constantly?

Since my oldest started walking, I’ve accepted that my toes will be hidden from view until my youngest can go at least six months without stepping on my feet. For now, I’ve invested in a pair of hiking sandals and super-supportive sneakers. Am I the most fashionable mom at the park? Definitely not, but my toes are protected and my arches are supported. Good enough for me!

What are your favorite mom must-haves? I love hearing about small items that make day-to-day life a little easier!

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