Freedom from Housework…A Mama’s Dream {CottageCare, Inc. Review}


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Cottage Care, Inc.  However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand by Cottage Care, Inc. and all that we endorse.

“Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens, and happy kids.”  I have lived that quote to the fullest for the past six years.  (and if I am totally transparent, I lived it pre-mom days too…)  My husband will tell you that I’m not the cleanest or the most organized.  This really never bothered me until I became a Work from Home Mom in 2012.  Living AND working in my messy house has a tendency to wear on my nerves.  Especially as a mom; my day is never done, the work is never complete, and all spaces overlap.  And let’s be real, by the time I could actually deep clean, I’m exhausted from my day of work and running around with the kids.

Fall has been a whirlwind for our family.  After a three week deployment of my husband, and traveling the first two weeks of October, I came home to find a house that desperately needed a deep clean.  I was delighted to find CottageCare.  Having someone else clean our home is a rare occurrence, and I was relieved at even the thought of it!

I called to set up an appointment on a Tuesday, and I was thrilled to hear that they could come on Friday.  The first phone call was incredibly detailed – I was given a rundown of every surface of my home that would be cleaned: bathrooms (full cleaning and sanitation of sinks, bowls, shower, tub and mirror), kitchen (counter tops scrubbed, sinks scoured, general cleaning of appliance and cabinet exteriors), hard surface floors (vacuumed then hand washed), carpets (vacuumed) and furniture (dusting and cleaning), baseboards and blinds (dusted), and picture frames on the walls (dusted and wiped behind).  The two ladies would arrive between 12 pm and 1 pm, which worked perfect with school pick up schedule.  I was really impressed to learn that the manager, Amanda, comes out at the end of your first clean (and every few cleanings if you hire them regularly) to do a quality check on the job and make sure everything is sufficient.  Impressive.  Rare.

1I picked up our clutter on Friday morning before they arrived.  We have two boys, which means legos are typically everywhere.  Kristen arrived first, and as she professionally greeted me with all her cleaning supplies and gear, she let me know Taylor, was on her way after finishing up the previous job.  She asked for a tour of the house and again ran through all the details of her service.  She said she would start in the basement and Taylor would start upstairs and they would meet on the main floor.  Taylor arrived about 10 minutes later and the ladies were off…doing what they do best, and leaving me to enjoy my afternoon.  Freedom from housework…it’s a fabulous feeling!

It was a beautiful day, so my three year old and I hit the park.  As silly as it sounds, I enjoyed the afternoon so much because I didn’t have anything nagging in the back of my mind.  After the park, we went to school to pick up our first grader.  We rode bikes outside when we returned home while the ladies finished up inside.  Amanda, the local Colorado Springs manager, was there inspecting everything when we got home.  She checked in with me to make sure everything was going as expected.  I appreciated her attention to detail and extra effort as a manager.

2After about 3 hours, I re-entered my home and was absolutely impressed.  The first thing I noticed was the fresh scent.  Every product used in the customers’ homes is non-toxic and non-abrasive to protect the environment, the customers’ property and the crew members providing our services.  There was no harsh smell.  My hardwood floors and kitchen were sparkling.  I immediately went to look at each of our 4 bathrooms (remember, we have boys…and their aim is not so great…)  The toilets were immaculate, which made me recall Taylor cleaning right before I left for the park.  She worked on the toilet in the boys’ bathroom like a perfectionist, and it showed.  That right there folks is worth me considering this on a regular, bi-weekly basis.

CottageCare Review Finished ResultsWith over three decades in the house cleaning industry, CottageCare employees are known in the Colorado Springs area for their commitment to excellence as well as standing behind their work.  If you are looking for a one time deep clean or a regular, scheduled service, I would highly recommend getting in touch with CottageCare.  The local staff can answer all your questions.  You can visit their website to get a quote as well.  The Colorado Springs locations serves Colorado Springs, Black Forest, Monument, FountainBriargate, and other surrounding areas.

CottageCare is different: Not a maid service, but a professional house cleaning company.

I’m not naive enough to think (or even dream) of a clean house all the time with two little boys.  And that isn’t the point.  I love focusing more on the memories with my kids and less on the stress of having my house perfect or the overwhelming task of cleaning.  It is a few weeks later, and guess what?  My floors are a bit sticky, my kitchen is a little messy, I have laundry piles, and my oven isn’t as sparkling as it once was…but my kids are very happy.  It has been easier for me to maintain a somewhat cleaner home, and I’m a much less stressed Mama!  I loved passing the cleaning task to trusted professionals.  Thanks CottageCare!

Disclaimer:  This was a sponsored post for Cottage Care, Inc. 

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