Gluten Free Holidays


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We have eaten gluten free for almost 10 years now. Several of our family members have varying degrees of gluten intolerance. While we can have some gluten we’ve also had seasons where gluten was a no go, and that included several holidays.

Even now when we have a little gluten during the holidays, we generally choose to have an array of gluten free menu items too.

I understand gluten free eating during the holidays can be overwhelming, and cooking for someone who is gluten free on a holiday can be very, very overwhelming…until you learn a few tried and true recipes. Communicating with your gluten free guest about how sensitive they are to gluten and what foods to avoid will be invaluable in helping the meal go smoothly. (Just a tip: keep a list of ingredients you use to show your guest. It will help put their mind at ease).

And now for the good stuff.


-Check your meats. Some have additives that contain gluten.
-Thicken your gravy with cornstarch in lieu of flour.
-For stuffing, think outside the norm. Try gluten free cornbread stuffing, wild rice stuffing or (our family favorite) gluten free pumpkin mushroom stuffing (we use this pumpkin bread recipe).
-Rolls: we make these dinner rolls quite often and the holidays are no exception. They are often enjoyed by our non gluten free guests as well.


There are so many boxed gluten free mixes in many stores these days. A plethora of options for cakes, cookies and even pie crusts. But for a homemade sweet, here are some of our favorites.
Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies chewy and delicious.
Flourless Fudge Cookies – Our kids loved these.
Cookie Dough Bites – Yum!
Pie Crust– This pie crust recipe won’t be flaky like your traditional pie crust, but for a homemade gluten free alternative, it works great.

Do you have a favorite gluten free holiday recipe?  Or have a holiday recipe you are wanting to make gluten free?  If anyone has a great gluten free soft sugar cookie recipe, I would love to hear it!