Goodbye Cable…Hello Netflix Binging!



About three years ago, my husband and I decided…NO MORE CABLE! Both of us enjoyed the convenience of cable, always having something to watch, finding your favorite shows on demand, vegging out on the couch after a long day to watch some of our favorite shows. But we just couldn’t handle the price tag. It wasn’t that hard to give up, but we both knew that we wanted to be able to still enjoy watching a show and movie from time to time (and by time to time I mean every day). So we decided to jump on the Netflix bandwagon (as well as Hulu) and find our shows on there.

And now that I am a stay at home momma, I really look forward to those very rare times both babies are napping and I can sit for a moment and get caught up on a show. Yes, yes, I know I should be cleaning some bathrooms or doing laundry or possibly even brushing my teeth, but the fact of the matter is, I want to enjoy this time by myself and watch a little trashy t.v.  So, I am gonna do you all a little favor and tell you about a few gems on Netflix that you and your husband can enjoy but also some that you might want to watch on your own, ahem, meaning your husband just might die if he had to watch it with you. Here are my top ten faves on Netflix.

I’ll first start with 5 that can be enjoyed with your significant other. I love getting into a good show with my husband. It’s like going on a movie date every night!

  1. Friday Night Lights. I feel like I should just leave it at that. Nothing I can say will give this show its due justice. It’s awesome and the perfect show for a couple to enjoy together. Unless you get motion sickness easily because the camera movement is something you have to get used to. All 5 seasons are on Netflix!
  2. Scandal. This is a good mix of love, politics, murder mystery and dare I say…SCANDAL! A good show all around. It’s currently in its 5th season right now but you can watch the first 4 on Netflix!
  3. Dexter. My dear friend Kris tipped us off to this one (and a good majority of this list). I would have never tried it had it not been for her suggestion but we did and we are hooked. I love a good murder/suspense/mystery type show but this is all that but on steroids. Be forewarned, we did end up fast forwarding through a few parts early on in the show, not because the show lacked a great story line, but we felt there was some unnecessary nudity. (But is nudity on TV ever necessary?)
  4. Fixer Upper. This is a great reality show I am sure everyone has heard about but if you were like me, without cable, then you weren’t able to join in on the fun. Well Netflix just picked up Season 1 and it’s amazing!! Kevin enjoys seeing all the wonderful carpentry and demolition of houses and I love the decorating and dreaming!
  5. Making a Murderer. My husband and I are HOOKED on this one ya’ll. If there was ever a show to binge watch, this is it. You won’t want to stop watching because you just want to be able to get to the conclusion. It a documentary style show that tells the story of Steven Avery, a man who was falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn’t do. It reveals how the Sheriffs office mishandled so many aspects of his case. It’s really incredible. Watch it.

Now for the top 5 I watch/have watched on my own…when no one is around to judge me.

  1. Gilmore Girls. This is one of those shows that I never was able to watch when it actually aired so I loved being able to get into now so many years later. Story follows a single mother and her daughter through life’s journey. So good! All 7 seasons are on Netflix!
  2. Broadchurch. Another friend, Leli, told me about this one. One I NEVER would have found otherwise. It’s a British television crime drama that sucks you in from the very beginning. I liken it to curling up on the couch with a good book and not being able to put it down until you are done…and then wanting more. There are 2 seasons total but unfortunately only the 1st is on Netflix. I was so close to purchasing season 2 on Amazon but then that would basically negate our reason for getting rid of cable!
  3. Parenthood. DUH! This is a no-brainer and if you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon, then you just don’t deserve to have Netflix or watch television at all. So good. Drama drama drama, which is why my husband isn’t a huge fan, and I am!! Do it. Now. Take a few days off work if you need to. Get it done.
  4. Gossip Girl. Yes, I said it. And I am not ashamed to admit that I got hooked on this little gem. It’s one of those shows that if I were to have watched it as a teenager, I would have ended up a little hellion, but instead I watched it as an adult and was just fully entertained. Netflix has all 6 episodes!
  5. New Girl. Yes! A comedy. A real comedy. I love this show. If I ever want to just feel a bit lighter and laugh a little, I will watch a couple episodes of this. About a group of friends/roommates and their hilarious way of dealing with work, life and romance. The first 3 seasons of 4 are on Netflix and it was recently renewed for its 5th season!

There you have it folks! So go ahead and cancel that cable and subscribe to Netflix. I promise you will still get the entertainment you get from cable…just a season or two late.