Grocery Salvation At Your Door


Well Hello There New Baby

If you’ve had a baby, or more than one baby you know that those first weeks can pass in a blur of exhaustion, sweet newborn moments, hormonal rage (I mean not me but some people…) and eating a lot of casseroles from friends and family.  At some point, those life saving casseroles run out and the world around you expects you to finally buck up and cook some food for your people.  If you’re like me, then you are no where near ready to start cooking during those first blurry-eyed weeks, which means you aren’t grocery shopping either. After my third baby, who just happened to be the most spectacularly needy baby ever, I started getting concerned that I would gain more weight than I lost after delivering that bundle of joy and that my other two angels were about to turn into a pizza.

Salvation is a Doorbell Ring Away

Grocery SalvationThis is right about the time I found Door to Door Organics.  That’s right my mommy friends, you can stop texting your mom, husband and bestie begging them to bring you a few bananas from the store.  This company lets you sign up for any size box (small, medium or large) and fill it with your favorite mix of fresh produce (all fruit, all veggies or a mix of both).  It gets better though.  Not only will they bring you this life saving fresh food, which by the way you can add lots of other groceries to as well, they will leave it right at your doorstep;  and if you aren’t home or if you just pretend to not be home because it’s 11 a.m. and you are still in pajama pants and a nursing tank covered in spit up (that you continually forget to refasten on one side…giving you a perpetual one-sided droopy booby) you can just put a cute little cooler on your front porch and they will load it up with fresh organic produce (not that I’ve ever done that).  They might as well be the grocery fairy for all I’m concerned because I haven’t been this excited about something appearing out of thin air as I was when I got a dollar for losing a tooth in elementary school!  You can even specify in your account if you don’t want them to ring the doorbell for fear of waking the sleeping giant…I mean precious, little non-colicky angel.


The first time I gave my kids an apple from that box, I’m telling you a bright light shone from heaven, angels started singing, the baby stopped crying and the laundry folded itself.  Okay, maybe not all of that happened, but I felt a whole lot better about myself as a mom.  We all want to give our children the best we have, and unfortunately when you are navigating the first weeks of adding a new life to your brood, you need a little bit of a life hack in the area of grocery shopping.  Door to Door Organics was that hack for me.  It made me feel like I could win at least one battle. So even if I couldn’t figure out how to get my angel to stop crying, at least I had something healthy and nourishing to hand my other two kids when they were in need of a snack.  Call me simple, but that’s all I need…just one small win every day.

I found Door to Door Organics to be a great service, but I know they aren’t the only game in town. Have you tried Thrive Market or King Soopers Home Delivery? Or any of these other delivery services? Were they life savers for you? We’d love to hear about it!

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Kris has called Colorado Springs her home since she was just six months old. She is a wife to her high school sweetheart and stay at home mom to their three wonderful children. When she's not momming it up she loves to play a variety of sports including volleyball, basketball and tennis. She also loves to bake, walk her two crazy dogs, cheer on Duke basketball, do home improvement projects with her handy hubby, drink wine and laugh with her friends.


  1. I literally love the idea of this! So super curious, how much more do you think you paid for the service? Was there a delivery fee or just the fruit/veggies prices were slightly increased to account for the delivery?

    Also, is it possible to set up a one-time delivery for someone else who just had surgery/baby?

    • I’m super excited because I just ordered my first box to be delivered Thursday 🙂 If you get a referral from a current customer you and them can $15 off your first box. I didn’t see a delivery fee added and I’m sure you could set up a one time delivery but not sure! Also, I love this site/blog!!!

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