A (Quick) Guide to Colorado Springs Pools and Fountains


Colorado Springs Pools and Fountains


“Summer is taking FOREVER to get here!”

Pool 1_MB

My 4 year old says this to me at least twice a week after he asks if our neighborhood pool is open yet. I keep having to tell him no (it opens after Memorial Day), not wanting to elaborate on the fact that though he is SUPER excited about our pending move to a new house in a new neighborhood, the new neighborhood won’t come with a pool…

So, in an effort to lessen the blow, I decided to research how we can get our summer splash on, even if we won’t have our own pass key any more. Below you’ll find a list of hot Colorado Springs places to play it cool, that we intend to hit up this summer. We hope you do too!

Julie Pool 2_MBPenrose Fountain

Located in America the Beautiful Park. We have been to this fountain several times. This fountain is great because the water circulates- making a never ending river to chase boats and other “floating” objects in. The depth is shallow, so it is great for infants up to children to play in and splash around. But, is still staffed by a Parks and Recreation lifeguard. We usually meet friends for a picnic and follow up our fountain time with some time at the awesome playground just across the field.

Uncle Wilber Fountain

This fountain is located right downtown in Acacia Park. I love fountains that spray up out of the sidewalks. The kids love it, and I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with afriend and not have to worry about deep water with my little ones.

Deerfield Hills Community Center Sprayground

This park is currently under construction, but is slated to open back up July 1st. It is located on the South side of Colorado Springs near Milton Proby Parkway and South Academy. It looks like a great place for the kids to run around and play outside, free of charge.

Through a partnership between YMCA and Parks and Recreation, this facility is open to the public. It can be accessed without a Y membership at $9/day for adults and $7/day for youth (2-17). Amenities I know my kids will love include water slides, fountains, and the “bubble couch”.

Wilson Ranch Pool

If you are looking for an outdoor pool option for a sunny day on the Northwest Side of town, Wilson Ranch Pool is also open to the public. The day access price is the same as Memorial Park at $9/day for adults and $7/day for youth (2-17). Go float in the lazy river or play in the interactive water feature.

Let me know in the comments if you know of any great spots to get wet in Southwest Colorado Springs as we’ll be splashing down soon.

Colorado Springs Moms Blog’s Guide to Summer!


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