What Littles are Learning when Older Siblings Play Sports


I hate when my mom-guilt bone sticks out and I start feeling badly for dragging my little kids to ball games to watch big sister and brother nearly every weekend. In these moments, I remember they’re learning important life lessons. 

They’re learning: 

  • To be patient.
  • That our own wants don’t always come first.
  • To entertain themselves with a ball, book, friend, bubbles, or jump rope.
  • How to make friends.
  • What a foul, jump ball and  free throw look like, and what home and visitor means.
  • To dress in layers.
  • That their mom is a mobile concession stand.
  • To hold their bladders until halves are over.
  • That someday they’ll play too and the traveling circus will pack and depart for their games.

But mostly, they’re learning to support each other, look after each other and cheer for one another. They’re learning to be their own team. And for that, no mom should ever have guilt.