Laser Limelight at Genesis MedSpa


As we age, many of us develop hyperpigmentation, or sun spots, on our face, neck, chest and hands. These not only make our skin look old, but they represent UV damaged cells, which can turn into skin cancers. Therefore, there are both cosmetic and medical reasons to get rid of them.

Medical Reasons to Laser

At Genesis, we offer the laser Limelight, a state-of-the-art non-invasive procedure for diminishing unsightly and unhealthy brown spots. The Limelight energy targets cells which contain extra pigment (or melanin) and effectively “melts” those cells. We recommend a series of four treatments, about a month apart.

 After each of those treatments, your skin will look worse for 3-5 days as the targeted cells come to the surface and flake off. However, make-up and sunscreen can be worn immediately, so people don’t usually feel as though they need to take time off work.

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes. The laser has a cool edge on the handpiece, which calms and slightly numbs the skin. The energy delivers a pulse of heat and then the skin is immediately cooled again.

Cosmetic Reasons to Laser

Another benefit of the Limelight is that is can target underlying red tones. Some of us, especially if our heritage includes northern Europe, develop increasing redness of our cheeks, chin and nose as we age. Changing the settings on the laser can diminish and improve this.

So, if you have brown or red discoloration, the Limelight may be an excellent, no downtime option for you. By decreasing the excess pigment on your face, neck, chest and hands, you will not only look younger, but your skin will be healthier.

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We are so thankful to Dr. Lisa Jenks, MD of Genesis MedSpa for providing this sponsored post highlighting the importance of Laser Limelight treatment.