Let Us Mourn the Loss of Summer


As I sit and write this, it is the first day that has been foggy and cold. It actually feels like the start of fall, which makes me want to mourn the loss of summer.  So many things to mourn when saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall and all the back to school madness.

I will mourn lazy mornings the most.  Nothing is quite as sweet as lingering over an extra cup of coffee in pajama pants while the kids are already outside running around screaming in the backyard.  My sincerest apologies to any neighbors within earshot that aren’t ready for that kind of auditory assault early in the morning.  Speaking of early, I adore how “early” is a fluid concept in the summer.  Somedays, early in the morning can run into late morning just because I don’t have to keep track of time.  Thinking it is still “early” I look at the clock and realize we’ve made it almost to lunch without putting on “real” clothes or even stepping foot out of the house.  I honestly love that sort of sweet family laziness.  No where to go, no homework to do, no school clothes to be ironed and a house filled with siblings playing and creating memories, even if they are tempered with fights and bickering.

Let us mourn GREATLY the loss of the outdoors that is going to heaped on us all too soon.  There is NOTHING as good as being able to say “go outside and play,” nothing.  Yes, I realize when it’s cold they can put on coats and mittens and hats and scarves and boots and…honestly, I’m tired just thinking about all the work involved, especially when it might only last 10 minutes.  Summer time means hours upon hours of beautiful outdoor, exhausting play time and tired kids at the end of every day.  

What’s not to love?  Oh summer, I’ll miss you.

Let us also mourn the loss of patio hangouts with friends and kids laughing and playing until the sun sets and the stars come out to join in on the fun.  I don’t know why patio hangouts are so much better than indoor winter hangouts but they are.  Maybe it’s because there is just so much fresh air and space and everyone can wander and linger wherever feels best to them.  It’s so relaxing and refreshing and there is just something special about bonding with friends under the summer sun.  Time seems to move slower and everyone stays a little longer. Goodbye summer, I’ll miss you.

There are things to look forward to though, like getting up early when all the kids are still grumpy.  Okay, it’s me, I’m the grumpy one.  You can look forward to sitting in carpool while your 2 year old screams because his sock fell off…because he took it off…and dropped it.  You can look forward to doing homework with kids who are already worn out and just want to turn their poor little brains off in the same way you do at the end of the day.  You can look forward to piles of school laundry and ironing that will never end…until next summer.

Oh summer, do come back! And please come quickly!