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I am one of those moms who has spent most of the last six years living by the notion that “Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens and happy kids.”  I will be the first to admit that the years of having toddlers are so hard, and I had to learn to let many things go.  There has, however, been a weight wearing on me as we live in a bit of clutter (or organized chaos as I like to call it!).

colorado springs affordable house cleaningHappy kids AND happy moms are more likely to thrive in a somewhat organized home.  I’m certainly not subscribing to the idea that my house needs to be spotless, but I always feel so much better, more energized, and more calm when the house is in a condition that is manageable and orderly.  I have been working on keeping a more clean and clutter free home lately.  Here are some of the tips that have helped (and are helping) me ::

  • Power Clean – I work from home, so most of my days are spent thinking about all the things I should be doing around the house while I work on my laptop or make phone calls from my home office.  I have started taking short 30 minute breaks in my day to tackle chores.  So, I might break for 30 minutes in the morning to fold some laundry and 30 minutes in the afternoon to load or unload the dishwasher.  For me, shorter time frames keep me motivated.
  • Have your kids help and make it fun – We have a chore chart, and as the kids get older, we add more to the list.  I just added putting away laundry the other day.  Turn their chores or picking up into a game or Olympics – the first one done with laundry gets a point, or the first one to fill this bin with legos gets a point.  We do small rewards (my kids LOVE the Dollar Tree!) but they also know that doing chores are part of their duty as a member of our family.
  • weekly cleaning services el paso countyHave a Schedule – Ok, I’ll admit, I’m still working on this one, but it makes sense to tackle one bigger task or room each day.  Do what works for your home and your family, but I’m excited to implement this to give us a general guide each week.  For us, it will likely look something like this :: Saturday or Sunday – Laundry, Monday – bathroom refresh, Tuesday – floors, Wednesday – Quick Dust on the main floor, Thursday – windows
  • Clear the Clutter – Junk mail, piles of legos, miscellaneous items on top of the washer and dryer in the laundry room, school papers on the kitchen island.  I never knew how untidy I could be until I had a family of 4 all living together, creating clutter.  A tidy house equals a tidy mind (at least for me!) so I am working room by room to clear the clutter!  Throwing things away, donating items, selling other items.  It feels good!
  • Hire a company you trust!  In the right situation, this is so worth it.  I may work from home, but I am a working mom.  “Stay at home moms” – you are working mamas!  There is great benefit to bringing in a cleaning company once a month or once a week to do some deep cleaning for you and help you keep up!  These years with our kids are so precious.  I believe in teaching our kids to work hard and learn responsibility, but I also do not want to feel so stressed out or so behind that I spend many hours cleaning when we could be out hiking or making memories!  I love having someone come in to do a deep clean every once in awhile, or to come consistently to clean the bathrooms and the kitchen floors. 🙂  This may not be in the budget for everyone, which I understand, but I have been surprised at the flexibility of services available when I have checked into cleaning companies!

No matter what your cleaning routine is, I hope that you can find joy in the chaos of motherhood and a full family life!

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