Mama and the Crop Top

This summer, the cropped top has been everywhere! I think the style was everywhere last summer too, but I don’t really remember. Mommy brain.  What I do remember is the first time I showed my husband a cropped top.  He promptly pointed to our son and walked away. Point taken… and then I snuck out to Target to try on a couple of their cute crop top sets! Because mama or not, I was kinda liking this trend.
A few weeks later I was  strolling through H&M (kid-free and husband-free) when I saw a tight midi skirt and grabbed it to try on. Amazingly, hanging right beside the skirt was a muscle-style, cropped tank. Why not? No one was there to tell me mama’s don’t wear crop tops.



Guess what mama wears a crop top now? This one! I love that there is just a sliver of belly, if any belly at all sometimes, that shows with this ensemble. It’s the perfect amount of crop top for this mama. I love the balance between the tight midi skirt and the casual, loose muscle tank. I found a crop top style that worked for me (and husband approved – but let’s be honest, he would have liked it even if I was full on Kim K crop top mode).


There are so many ways you can make the crop top work for you without actually having your belly just danglin’ out there! If a tight midi skirt isn’t your thing, what about a full, knee-length skirt? Seriously, I stare at this outfit all the time. Or maybe a pair of high-waisted jeans paired with a crop top.

Anyone else out there rocking this style? How did you decide to pull it off?


  1. I love this!! I too have loved that style but with a momma belly, I just can’t. Maybe one day I will though!! Looks fantastic on you. And that picture you linked to at the end is adorable, I’m almost positive it’s the same dress my friend wore to a wedding a week ago. Super cute.

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