Military Merriment: Holiday Letters for Troops!


While we are trimming the trees and baking cookies, many Colorado-based troops are deployed overseas. They are missing their families to serve their country – and each one of us! So, let’s show ’em some love…

Holiday Deployments are Tough

Colorado Springs Moms Blog is on a mission to brighten the holiday season for some of those troops and their families.

We have teamed up with Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs, a Dolce Resort, to organize a wonderful weekend at the resort for 12 military families with a deployed parent. We’re talking childcare, massage, elf turn-down service and a 120-inch big screen video call to unite the family. Nominate someone (or yourself) here

As part of that campaign, the families will assemble holiday care packages from donated items to send to their loved ones overseas.

Help Us Out!

That’s where YOU come in! As part of that care package, we hope to include a box of holiday letters and cards to distribute among their units. In short, we would love to spread the holiday cheer among the deployed troops.

So… Write a letter. Send a card. Ask your kids to draw a picture. Jot down a few jokes. Put a notice in your church bulletin, seeking kind words. We will forward all the happiness you gather to our troops. Thank you for helping bring a smile to an airman, soldier, sailor or marine. And Happy Holidays to you!

To be included, mail must be received by December 10. Please send to:

Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs, a Dolce Resort
Attn: Military Merriment
3225 Broadmoor Valley Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906


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