Moms’ Day Out: Three Reasons To Stay Local In Colorado Springs

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Time away from the chaos. Conversation with friends – other moms who “get” you. A break. Quiet. Retail Therapy. Lunch that is anything but mac-n-cheese or chicken nuggets.

Raise your hand if you are like me – you dream of a moms’ day out with friends, but you rarely (if ever) actually make a plan and make it happen. My husband is constantly planning meet ups with his buddies on his days off. While I love that, and I want him to spend time with his friends, I often feel a bit jealous. Why don’t I plan fun days like that? Is it the “mom guilt” of leaving or having fun? Do I fear that everything will fall apart if I leave? (It COULD happen!) Am I just not a planner?

Well, 2017 is here and I’m determined to do many more “Moms’ Days Out.” As I started to think through these days of fun, I was quickly reminded why Colorado Springs is the perfect place to stay local with friends, but still feel like you have truly had a get away. 

Here are my top 3 reasons to stay local and plan a Moms’ Day Out at The Promenade Shops at Briargate:

  1. Save Time: We are moms. We multitask with the best of them. We (might be) leaving our babies for the 1st time or the 101st time, but we still like to be near – just incase we are needed. I love the idea of staying local and fueling our economy, and also saving an hour and a half or more of driving time to head north to Denver. The Shops at Briargate on the North side of Colorado Springs is easy to get to and a quick drive from most areas in Colorado Springs. Staying local means we are close if a need arises for us to be summoned (let’s keep our fingers crossed that this DOESN’T happen!).
  2. Unique Shopping and Dining: There is no where else in our city that you can find most of the options that The Promenade Shops at Briargate offers. Lululemon. Athleta. Anthropologie, Pottery Barn. Sephora. Apple. White House Black Market. Williams Sonoma. I know that is not the entire list of stores found exclusively at the Shops at Briargate, but that list alone is incredible!  And that isn’t even dipping into the amazing choices for dining – Ted’s Montana Grill, Modern Market, California Pizza Kitchen, Biaggi’s, PF Chang’s, Big Daddy’s Burger Bar. Delicious choices to fulfill any craving you might be having!
  3. Big City Feel (in a smaller city): I grew up in a small town – population 1,600 people – so for me, this city feels big. But it also feels perfect. It has a thriving economy and plenty of variety. It is common to bump into people that you know while you are out shopping or dining. I love that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been shopping or running errands in our city when I see someone I know (and love). The Shops at Briargate truly brings our city a sophisticated, big city feel with the friendliness of a smaller city’s people. That is a dynamic that is hard to beat.

And here is bonus reason to stay local with your mom friends in the month of February. The Promenade Shops at Briargate is hosting a contest for a fabulous gift! The February #LoveLife contest is pretty simple. Contestants can upload a photo to @shopsbriargate Instagram with #lovelife and tell us what they love about life. Winner will be randomly selected to win a $100 Anthropologie gift card. What’s not to love about that? You can find all the official details here.

Mamas, do not delay in planning your next day out – grab a group of friends, meet up at The Promenade Shops at Briargate and have a fabulous day filled with friendship, fun, food and shopping! You deserve it so much.

The Promenade Shops at Briargate has become yet another great Colorado Springs destination. The center’s distinctive mix of more than 50 dynamic stores and restaurants, convenient storefront parking, superior architecture, all with tremendous mountain views, has made Briargate a unique, exciting shopping environment. Additionally, Briargate’s prime location with direct access to Interstate 25 places it no more than 20 minutes from anywhere in the city. Be it the astounding collection of one-of-a-kind stores not found anywhere else in Colorado Springs or the charming ambiance, shoppers, diners and even outdoor enthusiasts have quickly come to enjoy all that Briargate has to offer.

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Tonya grew up in Iowa and attended the University of Northern Iowa, where she majored in Health Promotion (the degree you choose when you know are meant to make an impact but you don’t know exactly how) After graduating in 2003, her adventurous spirit lead her to pack up her little car and move to Colorado Springs. Her heart was easily won by the beautiful landscape, the amazing weather, colorful Aspen trees, and the fabulous people in this city. In 2008, she married her love and best friend, Ryan. They added two amazing boys to the family…Landon (2009) and Kellan (2011). After a rewarding career as a Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and a sales representative for Pfizer, her heart desired more time with her boys. In 2011, she became a work from home mom, focusing on her very busy boys full time and her health and wellness coaching business part time! Her passion as a mom includes building legos, trips to the zoo, family hikes, fishing, and camping. Her passion as a health coach is helping people see their potential, reach goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time (what is that again??), she loves working out, running, and reading. Her favorite things to do with her handsome hubby include riding bikes downtown Colorado Springs for date nights, hiking the incline, trying new (exotic) foods, spending time with great (adult) friends, and trying craft beers (inspired of course by her husband!).