Mothering After a Hard Day


joy in the journey COSMB

Oh motherhood.  It’s an amazing journey, right?

Some days it’s more of a journey than others.  Know what I mean?

It’s something you prepare and plan for, but of course can never fully prepare and plan for.

Motherhood: full of belly laughs and fingerprints on the windows. Full of questions and new adventures.  And some days, full of expectations and comparison.  Can we just…sing it with me, “Let it go”? Let it go with the expectations and comparisons.Today: was…a…day.  Full of emotion and mounds of what I felt were me not meeting expectations.

Oh goodness I felt discouraged.  I felt like I wasn’t, haven’t, and won’t ever measure up.

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I focus so much on the expectation and how I measure up that I lose sight of what really matters?

It’s one day.  It may not have been filled with my finest moments.  But it’s not my last; I still have this one.

So I take a deep breath and hug those kids.  It’s time to learn from today and let it go. Time to start over.  There’s no limit on do-overs for today…or tomorrow.  It’s so important to remind ourselves as moms to let go of the expectations AND the guilt.  Because what really matters, at the end of the hard days? And every day?

Do our kids feel loved? Yes?

Breathe easy Mama Bear…you’re doing great.

How do you cope with mom guilt over a hard day? How do you let it go, move on, and keep perspective of what really matters?


  1. I read this last week when it was originally posted. Then last night after a particularily discouraging day where I was not a model parent by any means, I found myself reading it again. Thanks for such a simple, thoughtful post. I will probably be visiting it often…which means I’ll probably have Frozen’s “Let It Go” stuck in my head for quite some time. 😉

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