Mox Shoes: The Perfect Colorado Shoe {plus a Discount Code}

Colorado Springs Moms Blog is excited to partner with Mox Shoes through this sponsored post. Several of our team members have fallen head over heels for these cute and comfy shoes, and we just know you will love them too!

Colorado is infamous for flip flops, even in January. Sure, it snows here, but it also melts fast. I am a die hard flip flop fan, but sometimes I need to step up my shoes for running errands, date night, work functions and shopping days! I have found the perfect Colorado shoe that checks all the boxes.

Mamas…meet Mox Shoes

Mox Shoes are a comfortable, stylish rubber ballet flat; a great alternative to flip-flops.”

I was recently given a pair of these super cute shoes to try out. My sister was already highly obsessed (she owns 4 pairs in all different colors), and I had heard all the rave reviews, so I was excited to try them out myself. After a few days in these shoes, I was sold. Below are my top 5 reasons that Mox Shoes are the perfect Colorado shoe! 

Colorado Weather: Need I Say More?

It is summer in Colorado, which means it could be in the 50s, the 70s or the 90s (sometimes all in the same day! HA!) It could rain or it could be really hot. These shoes are perfect for nearly every season. Because they are breathable and have a basket weave pattern, your feet can breathe in hot temperatures. I’ve had them on in the rain, and the rubber material functions the same when wet (and they get really clean!). They dry out really fast. These shoes are a perfect transition shoe for Spring and Fall. My sister even wears hers during the sunny Colorado days in January and February.

They Are Stylish

My favorite thing about these shoes is that you can add a pop of color to any outfit, or you can choose a neutral pair to match everything! Mox shoes are available in 11 amazing colors in the USA. The colors work into an outfit really well. I have already had so many compliments and questions. These shoes are great for a work day, can flow with a date night outfit, or easily work into an athletic outfit. I can guarantee your friends will want to know where you got your shoes!

Need a Pedicure? No Problem!

Ok, this is clutch. I’m pretty good about keeping up with pedicures in the summer season, but Fall, Winter, and Spring are an absolute gamble when it comes to my toes. I always hate when my feet that need some love force me to pull out close-toed shoes. Not a problem anymore! Mox Shoes cover your toes just enough to hide a grown out pedicure. But, if your toes are fresh and cute, the color still pops through a little also! 

They Are Comfy and Functional

Mox shoes are a lightweight, versatile ballet flat. They start to mold to your feet after a few wears, which makes them ultra comfortable. My husband keeps asking how they can feel good on my feet…I can’t figure it out, but they are already the most comfortable shoes I own. I walk a lot (chasing my kids around all day), and I didn’t even have to break these shoes in. They felt great at first and get more cushioned with each wear! These shoes are made entirely of synthetic rubber, and the design allows for ventilation. My feet haven’t been sweaty or stinky when wearing these – BONUS!

You Can’t Beat The Price {+ a Discount Code!}

Mox shoes are a lightweight, versatile ballet flat you can wear anywhere for every occasion. If that isn’t enough to be excited about, the price is under $40. Shipping is FREE on orders of 3 or more pairs in the USA. $5 flat rate shipping for all other orders in the USA! And…we have a discount code just for you!

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