What We All Need This Mother’s Day: It’s Not What You Think


In honor of this Mother’s Day, I have something powerful to tell you.  

You don’t need a card, you don’t need the “I Love You’s”, you don’t need the gifts, you don’t need the flowers, and you don’t need your family waiting on you hand and foot. 

“OH YES I DO,” I hear you shouting. 

mother's day

Let’s suppose you really don’t need any of these things. What if all you need is something entirely different from the norm? What if all you need is to,  

  1. Find a quiet, dark space. Go somewhere where no one can find you and somewhere where you can be absolutely alone. Think Fort Knox. Lock the door behind you, if you must.   
  2. Stand in this space, close your eyes and listen to every sound around you.
  3. Listen for the stillness.
  4. Begin to think of what you have put into motherhood…the long hours, the endless devotion and the countless love.
  5. Place your hands together.
  6. Begin to clap. Applaud like you have never applauded before.  
  7. As you clap, begin to see all those around you, before you, after you, rising up out of their seats putting their hands together to applaud YOU.
  8. Open your eyes and acknowledge who claps for you.
  9. That’s right, it’s YOU.

This is your day to honor yourself. The world will tell you that everyone else is supposed to acknowledge you and make you feel all warm and special. But, you can’t set an expectation of a “give me” attitude because you all know how quickly that can turn into a deflated feeling. Especially when you realize it hasn’t turned out the way you had hoped and our spirit comes crashing to the floor.

No, you stand, and you clap ladies. Give yourself the standing ovation you deserve.  You have earned every badge on your heart, every tear, every laugh, every scar, every ounce of joy you have squeezed out of motherhood. It is yours.   

You clap. You clap louder and harder than you have ever done before. Feel the pride, the fatigue, the heartache, the love, the worry and the joy. Rid yourself of thinking that someone will be there to clap for you, congratulate you, pat you on the back, shout oohs and aahs and rise to their feet for you.  No, you clap for you.

Now, stop clapping and begin to listen. Can you hear anything? Listen for the song that radiates from your heart as you begin to think of all you have been through, walked through, crawled through, given life to, devoted your heart to throughout this journey of motherhood.  The song will get louder and louder as you recall more and more of what you have conquered. You will hear the silence, yet feel the notes of pride and accomplishment being played from within, holding tight to a deep sense and knowing of the exorbitant amount of time, effort and dedication that you have poured out.

Here is the crazy thing ladies, as loud as your song may get and as real as it may seem, your heart song will never be heard by another living soul.  You are the only one who will ever hear and feel this song.  You are the only one who knows what you have put into motherhood.  This innate feeling is something that can never be taken from you.  It is YOUR heart song that radiates from within.  Standing in prolonged applause is your acknowledgement to yourself of all that you have done that no one will ever see; all the hidden, mysterious unknowns of being a mother.

There will never be a better replacement from a card, a hug, a message nor a better feeling in the world than listening to your very own heart song.  Stand up this Mother’s Day and clap for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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