New Year, Old Me: Embracing More of the Same


Each New Year’s celebration brings with it the inevitable question of what you might want to embrace in the next calendar year. Lose weight? Gain experiences? Make more money? Mulling over what your next season has in store makes turning the calendar page over to January so exciting.

It’s a chance to embrace something new.

Or is it? 

I am a perpetual resolution enthusiast. “New Year, New You”, I usually shout at the top of my lungs as people parade their newest ideas and goals. I get excited to see each and every one of us touting self-improvement commitments. I typically join in, coming up with my own resolve of what this next year might hold. 

However, this year I want to explore the concept of doing a little more of the… well, same. Continuing to work out, eat well, grow in my photography. Continuing to work on the life/work/child balance. Continuing to stay up late at night to get a moment to myself.

Not many of us want to look back at ourselves, decades from now, and see the same person. We want to change and evolve. We want to be better versions of ourselves as time passes, becoming more and more self-aware and developed. But at the same time, as a busy mother of three, I am more than alright with just continuing to put one foot in front of the other. It’s not glamorous and it certainly doesn’t have a catchy slogan to it, but my 2017 might just be more of the same. 

As mothers, we embrace a lot more in the average year when it comes to being parents. We physically go through so much in pregnancy that there’s a time we wonder where the baby ends and we begin. Lines are blurred between who we are and who we become when we have children. By the time I was done having babies, I was salivating at the thought of just being me again. Three years ago, the New Year rolled around and I was just trying to get discharged from the hospital with baby number two and a whole lot of the questions on how my life was going to look. My resolution went something to the tune of “to stop leaking milk”. 

So, while I do not think its overly popular to have your resolution be “a little more of the same”- I am embracing the ‘unchanged me’ enthusiastically. Embracing my unchanged self is going to be easy, and honestly a little fun, compared to the hurdles of my past resolutions (“let’s have another baby”). But for right this moment, as January begins and we all stare at the sparkling new year that’s ripe with resolve, I am going to be over here in my unimpressive space of stagnancy and smiling ear to ear.

Anyone else joining me?

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Meg is a mommy to three small ones, Gracie, Everett, and Henry. She is married to her one and only Joel, and they look forward to having more adventures together! Meg likes to drink coffee, coffee, coffee and continues to try (in vain) to take a decent "selfie". She also loves to get candid pictures of her littles as they go about their day, which almost always involves crazy getups and the wrong size shoes. She is passionate about allowing children to explore the great outdoors at every opportunity; Colorado's natural beauty cannot be denied!