How One Local Mom Is Shining In A Male Dominated Field {And Why It Matters To You}

We are thankful to Jayne of All Trades for providing this sponsored post. But, the thoughts & feelings are our own and we only share companies that we personally know & love!

img_4210My dad is a heavy equipment mechanic by trade, and a handy man and renovator at home. Growing up, my sisters and I would always say, “Our dad can fix anything.” And it is so true. He is a man of few words and incredible talents. He had four daughters before our youngest brother came along, so by default, the girls in our family learned many skills from my dad. I may not be an expert, but I’m not scared to pick up a hammer or a drill and try my hand at fixing things around the house. When I learned about Erica at Jayne of all Trades, I naturally loved the story of how one local mom is shining in a male dominated field. 

The construction industry has been traditionally male dominated. The number of women in construction has barely budged since the 1970’s, even though women have made gains in several other different fields since then, including firefighting- which was a field they were once unwelcome in. 

Colorado Springs native and mother of two, Erica Johnson, is changing the landscape for women in construction with her Colorado Springs based company, Jayne of All Trades, a fast moving contracting business with a team of 20+ experts specializing in roofing, siding, gutters, fencing, insurance negotiations and more. Erica started Jayne Of All Trades General Contracting in 2010. She will not settle for less than the best.

“Our mission is to provide honest, no-nonsense, quality General Contracting services to the Colorado Springs area. All work we perform is ‘by the book’ and always adheres to local building codes and manufacturer recommendations.” – Erica Jayne Johnson, Jayne of All Trades, Inc.

Why It Matters To You As a Mom

  • Erica Wears Many Hats, Just Like You :: Don’t take this the wrong way men, but sometimes it is hard for you to understand what we go through as moms. Erica gets it. If you hire her and her team for a project, and they arrive at your door for an estimate, you may or may not have made it through the shower. You may have toys everywhere, a baby with a dirty diaper, and dishes stacked upon dishes. The team at Jayne of All Trades will understand. Erica is a contractor, a business owner and a mom of two. She wears many hats – just like so many of you amazing stay at home and working moms wear too. 
  • She Is An Overcomer :: Being a female in a male dominated industry has no doubt built character and tenacity. It is not easy to be in an industry when you go against the norm. Overcoming obstacles as a female in a male dominated industry has instilled a no-matter-what attitude and a problem solving attitude in this team. If you have a home project, there is no doubt that something will go wrong or unexpected. You can be assured that the team at Jayne of All Trades is well equipped to overcome your troubles with any sized project.
  • Experienced & Credible :: When you hire a new babysitter to care for your children, you want to find someone with experience and certifications. It helps to hire a nanny that has spent years and years of quality time with children. The same is true for a contractor that you hire to work on the biggest investment you will make in your life – your home. Erica began flipping homes with her father when she was young. Her years of work in Colorado Springs shine in the projects on her website.
  • Attention to Detail :: Again, no offense to the men, but there is nothing quite like a woman’s attention to detail. Especially when it comes to home details, many woman have an idea of their project in their dreams before it ever begins. I love Erica’s “In Progress” section on her website – showing the process of a “Messy Desk, Creative Mind” and how the project eventually comes to fruition and is always worth the mess. Women have a natural sense to see a finished project with every little detail in place when they close their eyes. Trust the attention to detail that Jayne of All Trades can bring to the table.

A home project can be long and overwhelming – just like a day of motherhood can feel. Let Erica and her team at Jayne of All Trades walk you through your next renovation. It helps to walk through the journey with a trusted friend and mom who has been there and is doing great things in our community.



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Tonya grew up in Iowa and attended the University of Northern Iowa, where she majored in Health Promotion (the degree you choose when you know are meant to make an impact but you don’t know exactly how) After graduating in 2003, her adventurous spirit lead her to pack up her little car and move to Colorado Springs. Her heart was easily won by the beautiful landscape, the amazing weather, colorful Aspen trees, and the fabulous people in this city. In 2008, she married her love and best friend, Ryan. They added two amazing boys to the family…Landon (2009) and Kellan (2011). After a rewarding career as a Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and a sales representative for Pfizer, her heart desired more time with her boys. In 2011, she became a work from home mom, focusing on her very busy boys full time and her health and wellness coaching business part time! Her passion as a mom includes building legos, trips to the zoo, family hikes, fishing, and camping. Her passion as a health coach is helping people see their potential, reach goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time (what is that again??), she loves working out, running, and reading. Her favorite things to do with her handsome hubby include riding bikes downtown Colorado Springs for date nights, hiking the incline, trying new (exotic) foods, spending time with great (adult) friends, and trying craft beers (inspired of course by her husband!).