Orangetheory Fitness Sweat Session {Recap}


Good news mamas! I found all those muscles I have neglected in my eight years of motherhood. I kid, but seriously, I am still sore three days later. If you are looking to get serious about your fitness goals and you want someone to push you and hold your hand while you get there, look no further than an Orangetheory Fitness studio!  

Recently, moms in Colorado Springs had the chance to join Colorado Springs Moms Blog and the Academy location of Orangetheory Fitness for a super fun Sweat Session. It was a fantastic opportunity to try something new. We came, we sweat, and we had a fantastic time!

I was a newbie to Orangetheory Fitness and they were very welcoming and helpful with explaining how things work. Upon arrival, staff issued a heart rate monitor that would show our “zone” on the monitors and allow us to modify our workout to stay in the coveted orange zone of optimal burn. My monitor had a few hiccups during class and the staff was on top of it. Before I could get the coach’s attention, a staff member was by my side with a wrist monitor for minimal interruption of my workout. When everyone arrived, we were led into the studio where our coach Erik was waiting. His ability to connect with each of us really impressed me. He took time to learn names, allowing him to cheer us on during the class which is encouraging to a mom stepping out of her comfort zone!  

The class had us moving between treadmills, rowing machines, and a strength training floor complete with all the equipment to complete the day’s exercises. The studio is clean and inviting. Erik did a great job explaining each step of our workout and correcting our form as we went along. I really appreciate this as I often worry about injury while working out. Having that guidance is definitely worth taking classes! Before the class, I was super nervous about how hard it was going to be. I tend towards less intense classes at the gym. While it was definitely an intense workout, I didn’t  feel like I was overdoing it at any time. We moved between the zones and that allowed a break.  For each exercise, Erik gave modifications to allow moms to vary their own level of intensity.    

We ended our workout with snacks, chair massages from 100% Chiropractic and time to chat with new friends.  It was a great time! As moms, we often put our families ahead of ourselves. Personally, when juggling many balls in a given week, the first ball I drop is my gym time. It is so important for my entire family that I make time for my own wellness. Orangetheory Fitness is a fantastic way to make that happen.They have options for membership that fit into any busy schedule and you can try a class for free. 

About Orangetheory Fitness

Our heartbeat is to deliver proven fitness results for a healthier world. Are you looking to get motivation to reach your goals? Or do you want to add something to your current fitness routine? If so, Orangetheory Fitness is the place to be! Orangetheory Fitness is the leading fitness gym in Colorado Springs, CO. Our workouts make us a health studio with results. Orangetheory Fitness offers 60-minute workout sessions split into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training with heart rate monitors to track intensity and maximize metabolic burn. Increase energy, get visible results and burn more calories, even after leaving the studio. Your first session is free, call us to get started! We have two locations Academy 719-204-4442 or Stetson Hills 719-632-3777. You can also visit us at We look forward to seeing you in the Orange!

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Kristal is a native of California, lived in Utah, and now lovingly calls Colorado Springs home. She grew up in a household with four younger siblings and graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz. She and her husband are raising their elementary school aged children in the Briargate area. With kids in school full time, Kristal is an active member of the PTA, and spends time working in local schools. She is passionate about connecting moms in our community. In her spare time, she enjoys long walks in the aisles of Target, dancing it out in Zumba classes, drinking copious amounts coffee, cooking dinner as a form of therapy, and last but certainly not least, spending time outdoors with her family.