Phone-Free Friday Morning


Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE taking photos and videos of my kids. I snap snap snap all the time. I touch ‘em up with VSCO and Snapseed.  I even took a Skillshare class on how to edit adorable little videos of our adventures. I don’t think that makes me, or any other mama who lays in bed at night swiping through pictures of her little ones on her phone, less present. However, there’s something kind of beautiful about a little technology timeout.

So every Friday morning, no matter how cute my kids are dressed or how beautiful the moment is, it goes uncaptured. No pictures, no videos, no phones, no exceptions. I just sit there (or join in) and soak up these precious moments.

On a recent phone-free Friday, on the very last day of summer, the parks and rec staff in our city were testing the the fountains at our nearby splash pad, weeks after they closed for the summer. There is no way my camera phone (even with portrait mode) could have captured to pure delight on her face. A video would not have done justice to the squeals and the jumps as she pranced around “Uncle Wilbur.” I watched my messy haired little angel and thought ‘baby, you will never be this uninhibited again.’

There will be no reminder of this morning in the years to come on Facebook, but it is forever burned in my memory.

Hopefully, she’ll be that cute again on a Saturday morning!


Lauren Ferrara is a an optimist, a Pilates instructor, the mother of two sweet girls, and the award-winning evening anchor at FOX21 News.