Pinner’s Paradise: Designing a Command Station


L.F. pinterest board 2Pinterest can be both an asset and a problematic addiction. It’s an asset because it provides excellent tutorials on everything from how to put together a capsule wardrobe on a budget to life hacks that easily remove hard water stains off your shower door.

One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest, however, is look for inexpensive, cheap DIY projects to decorate my house with. There are so many good ideas that I can’t keep up with all of the projects I want to make!

L.F. pinterest 3I’ve already found and hung an antique window collage on the staircase wall, up-cycled old flower vases from the Arc with craft paint, made a jewelry hanger and picture display with chicken wire and old frames from Goodwill, and spray painted at least half of the furniture in my house bright teal.

All of which, I might add, I had plenty of help with. Let’s not downplay the fact that I am not the craftiest of the crafty people, so none of this is even close to accomplishable without an army of really good-natured family members.

L.F. pinterest boardNeedless to say, I have done quite a few DIY projects, and, regardless of the fact I have piles of projects I could be working on taking up room in my garage, two weeks ago I managed to convince my husband to help me start the mother of all Pinterest endeavors.

We decided to take on the construction of a command station. Now, if you haven’t heard of a “command station,” you should probably Pinterest it right now. It’s the epitome of organization, the Mount Everest of Pinterest, and I was absolutely determined to have one. They’re normally located in the kitchen or mud room of the house, and they keep your family impeccably organized.

L.Fargo Command Before final
BEFORE picture of Command Center

We all have areas in our house that are very messy, places that clothes, toys, and shoes seem to migrate to and live in. These places are normally not in a deep, dark corner, unfortunately. They’re normally in the busiest part of the house; in my house, this is the kitchen. The piles of stuff are out of control.

As soon as I saw it on Pinterest, I knew. I just knew. This was going to be the answer to all of my organizational needs.

So, without further ado, here are several things to consider when constructing your very own Pinterest command station.



  1. Don’t feel pressured to make a command station that is identical to any one that you see on Pinterest. Pick and choose the assets that will help you the most. For example, laundry seems to pile up on my kitchen counter, so we decided that a laundry basket would be a great addition to our station.
  2. Figure out what needs better organization. Your answer could be shoes, coats, papers, bills, mail; the list is endless. Figure out the one thing that absolutely has to become more manageable and scroll through Pinterest until you find your answer. It won’t take long. We decided the mail needed some labeled baskets so it would stop piling up or getting lost.
  3. Even if you think your life is under control, and you never forget anything, put a calendar in a visible and accessible place on your station. You’ll never regret it. There’s nothing as reassuring as a calendar right next to the garage door. I can check it in the blink of an eye on my way to the car.

L. Fargo Command Center FinalIt hasn’t been complete for long, but I hope that this particular Pinterest project can be chalked up as a success. Only time will tell, but for now, my highly disorganized life definitely needs some help, and this could be the answer!